Korean idol Hyunyoung is a gorgeous assassin for new Black Squad promo shots

Korean idol Hyunyoung has transformed into a gorgeous assassin once again in the new posters for Black Squad.

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susanto12281274d ago

not that hot 1000000000000 asian girls look the same

bsquwhere1274d ago

Wow, way to be a classless racist jerk.

SaveFerris1274d ago

I enjoy 'reading' the articles Pozzle submits. Thank you.

T2X1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

She's a cute kid. But what is up with the Korean culture showing their women crying or pretending to be sad? Also, every time I see one of these models they are holding a weapon that if they fired it in real life if would blow her back 20 feet!LOL!

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