5 Games That Need to be Announced this Year

GamerBolt: "2015 brings new hope that the following titles could be announced."

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Geobros971d ago

Mario 64 HD? I would love to see that game in HD!!! <3

SolidStoner971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

how about I raise the bar and say!

new Hitman (with old open world missions)
Gran turismo 7
Cod WW2
battlefield Vietnam
Last of us 2
Red alert 4 can stay! ;)

some may never happen, at least I hope it will!

EDIT: damn how could I forget next "Fallout" game! still waiting!

badboyz09971d ago

NFL 2K16

I Hate EA Sports!!!!!!!

venom06970d ago

Another CoD fanboy site?? This is getting tired and old..why would someone want to play a old CoD with old guns. THATS ALREADY BEEN DONE BEFORE!!

Jaqen_Hghar971d ago

Jak and Daxter PS4 (in the spirit of the first)

Crash Bandicoot PS4 (secretly got the rights back lol)

Resistance 4 (better ending this time but keep the health packs, weapon wheel, and crazy upgrading weapons)

Sly 5 (to go along with movie next year)

Twisted Metal PS4 (does a man even have to justify this?)

ScorpiusX971d ago

Would be nice if MS /Xbox brought these games over to Xbox one .

Jade Empire (Xbox one)
Banjo (Xbox one)
Conker(Xbox one)
Perfect Dark (Xbox one)
Brute Force (Xbox one)
Ninja Blade (Xbox one)

Make these and they are day one buys.

NukaCola971d ago

If XBOX brought back a game, I would want BLINX 2.

scark92971d ago

Yes! A HD Remaster would be nice too! Loved Warhawk!

GokuSolosAll971d ago

Mother 3, The Last Guardian, Pokemon Z, Conker's Bad Fur Day 2, and a new DBZ game that isn't XV.

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