Kingdom Hearts 3 Up For Pre Order At Target for $40.99, Release Date Possibly Leaked

Kingdom Hearts 3 is up for pre order now at Target online for only $40.99. Also, the site may have leaked the game's release date as well.

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Snookies121304d ago

Anyone know how reliable Target is for stuff like this? Will they honor it?

mikeslemonade1304d ago

It's a price mistake but just preorder it anyway and Target may give you a complimentary $5 gift card for your troubles.

Magicite1304d ago

no way we will get KH3 date before FF15.

CyrusLemont1304d ago

I thought it was already confirmed to be a 2016 release? If not, then this is great news! Hopefully there's a collector's edition with a giant key blade haha.

Patrick_pk441303d ago

Retailers tend to put random release dates of games for those that have not been dated. Take this one with a grain of salt. It will most likely be released in 2016 as FF15 is currently being worked on and will release this year. I understand that there are two development teams, but I doubt Square Enix wants to release both during the same year, and KH still needs time to be developed.

Kamikaze1351304d ago

This isn't the real release date. They haven't hyped KH3 enough to even release it this year in JP, let alone outside of JP.

LightDiego1304d ago

True, and Final Fantasy XV has more details right now, still it doesn't have a release date.
It's almost that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not come this year.

N4GDgAPc1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

And square-enix already said they would release FFXV before Kingdom Hearts 3. With FFXV maybe being out end of this year or maybe even in 2016 there not going to release there 2 big franchise close to each other.

DarkZane1304d ago

FF15 is getting more and more details revealed about it. I don't think a release date annoucement is far off. Things have started moving last year.

elninels1303d ago

Also consider they just recently decided on unreal 4. No way this is accurate. Kh3D remaster is highly possible though.

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mikel10151304d ago

No there's no release date, nor will there ever be one in the near future. I'm sick of websites claiming they have a scoop on the release date

mikeboccher1304d ago

Th e point is the price, awesome deal who cares about a placeholder

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