Has the next Call Of Duty just been confirmed alongside its reveal date?

The latest hint in the story of the next Call Of Duty title has been released. A few days ago, Start Replay posted an article, regarding a leak from a reported Anonymous affiliate. This leak came from an unofficial source, and one that was difficult to prove as legitimate. However, Raj Patel, the Xbox Community Manager, posted a tweet, adding more speculation to what we saw from the unofficial leak by an Anonymous member.

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trywizardo1090d ago

who cares !! this year we'll have halo 5 , no man sky and hopefully battlefront , we don't need another call of duty (i like WW2 games , but not COD version)

1090d ago
demonicale1089d ago

You cared enough to comment.

nucky641090d ago

I want world at war II....for 2 simple reasons:
the PPSh and MG42.....
god, i loved killing zombies with those guns.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231089d ago

MG42 and M1 Garand Grenade launcher was my fave setup, Pack a punch the M1 and it would fire semi auto grenades, which was good for holding the stairs.

LOL_WUT1090d ago

Hopefully this ww2 CoD game turns out to be true because it'll then force the guys behind Battlefield to make their own version ;)

GokuSolosAll1089d ago

If it's [email protected] again I'll be thrilled. Easily tied with MW2 as the best FPS ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.