How will GTA 6 Better What’s already on offer with GTA V?

PS4Home: "The problem that is faced with a developer when a game is so good is how they can actually improve it with their next, future release."

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ps4gamer19831333d ago

My only complaint with GTA5 is the meaningless ending.

Heyxyz1333d ago

If you chose ending C I'd have to disagree with you on that. Ending C wrapped up the story pretty nicely. Sure it wasn't a powerful ending, but it fit GTA 5 really well.

fei-hung1333d ago

The story and characters were the best but my issue was with :

1) combat is still crap
2) aviation vehicles handled like shit
3) GPS was shit
4) took too many button presses to bring up and navigate map
5) no fast travel
6) couldn't restart missions if you bodged it up & you were forced to die or fail
7) your character was tumble around like a vegetable if you jumped and caught a curb or something. It was the oddest clappers thing whereas time you wondered if rocketed just failed to add a decent amount of animations and whether they programmed basic movement right.

8) better selection of music and ability to make your own mix tape. By far the lamest selection of songs.

9) consistent police AI: there were times the police spotted me hiding although I was out of sight and other times where they were right in front of me but couldn't see me.

10) please tell us what side missions are cuz I hate races and stupid towing side missions. I don't want to drive across the town just to be told it's one of those.

11) learn from Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs how to make interesting side missions.

12) purchase up buildings was crap and boring. godfather had a much better system.

13) vehicle delivery system please!

InKnight7s1333d ago

Agree with some and disagree with others

But there is fast travel and it calling a taxi . It really fast try to call a taxi from the phone.

SolidStoner1333d ago

1) yes
3)no - depends how you look on it :D
7)no - liked it was epic fun! :D
8) no no no no no
9) no and yes.. but it worked 10 times better than any other police in games!
10) what? :D
11) never, no! not those crap games!
12) yes
13) it dosnt work anymore?

seanpitt231333d ago

Expect it in 2020 and there was a lot of things I didn't like about gta5 and the main one was the combat/gameplay it should of been like maxpayne 3 but went backwards somehow it is even worse than red dead redemption. Let's hope red dead redemption 2 does it right and dosnt copy gta5 combat.

fei-hung1332d ago

I know what you mean by using the taxi as fast travel, but it's not as simple as opening up your map and pressing a button to fast travel. It's a lazy / convenience thing

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LightDiego1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Maybe the next GTA will be in Vice City and Las Venturas, all together? Would love different countries and cities like Tokyo, London and Paris.
Right now i'm more excited for a new Red Dead.

Jaqen_Hghar1333d ago

All 3 of those cities sound really interesting! A man would actually really love a Tokyo based game as he doesn't think he's ever played one.

Yi-Long1333d ago

I believe Rockstar already mentioned once that they'll keep GTA inside the USA (apart from GTA London back then, I guess...(!) ).

Personally I would love a GTA set in Tokyo, or better yet, Hong Kong.

And no, Sleeping Dogs doesn't count. That wasn't Hong Kong, that was a very poor version of a very small part of Hong Kong. (and, obviously, it wasn't GTA...)

But considering their earlier statements about GTA staying in the USA, I doubt it would happen.

Perhaps their next step would be Hawai or something like that.

As for the question how they can better GTA5: Easy. Compared to games like SKyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur, etc etc, GTA is kinda 'empty' when it comes to side-quests and depth.

Also, the gameplay itself in Rockstar games remains a bit 'basic'. The running, the fighting, the walking and turning etc etc. It's not very smooth. Also, you should basically have more options. If I see a cat walking around, I don't want my only possible interaction with it to be violence, but I also want the option to simply 'pet' it.

Also, it could be a bit less immature and cartoony. The violence isn't very realistic, so when you hit someone with your car, he bounces off. When you shoot someone in the face, there isn't the gore you would expect. When you shoot someone, there's just the predictable 'running away'behaviour from bystanders, but there's no sense of 'what have you done!?!?!?!'. No one weeping in shock over the death of a loved one, no REAL feeling of regret over a life taken, etc etc. There's no real emotional connection to your actions. Obviously, that will never completely happen, but you can expect at least a little more of a realistic reaction when you shoot someone's wife, or boyfriend, or whatever.

Finally, the main characters in GTA5 were mostly unlikeable. I never figured out why they didn't just kill Trevor the second he showed up, considering his general behaviour. I would prefer to play with characters I actually care about. Franklin came closest.

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YourGreatUncle1333d ago

It can easily be better than V considering San Andreas has yet to be topped.

The7Reaper1333d ago

I think we should be more focused on Red Dead 3 I'm more ready for that than another GTA

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