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PS3 Informer: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review

PS3 Informer writes: "The name Hideo Kojima has long been associated with greatness, and any self respecting gamer could pick Solid Snake out of a lineup. So with great anticipation, the multitudes have received Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the supposed final chapter in Solid Snake's 10 year career.

Now don't get me wrong, I played the game from start to finish to give it a fair shot. I even took the time to set up Metal Gear Online for some additional feedback. And I feel that I am justified in my feelings concerning Metal Gear.

As a dedicated fan for most of my life, this finale was a critical point in my life as a gamer. It brought to a close a series of storyline arcs that had long been speculated and argued over. It put to rest all the theories and ideas that I had spent hours arguing with my peers about. And it put them all to rest in about 10 hours of cutscene." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 4/5

360degrees  +   2611d ago
Again I say..
This is a way more accurate review (4/5 essentially 90%) that I think we can all agree on for a highly commendable but imperfect and minorly flawed video game

EDIT @ Tmac....
Please I implore you, and more over challenge you to name ONE, and I do mean ONE thing In my above statement that shows any possible Bias? Its simply my opinion, so please do not use words like biased unless you truly understand their meanings
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Tmac  +   2611d ago
A 360 biased member of the community saying a lower score is more accurate? YOU DON'T SAY! Hey don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
Whoooop  +   2611d ago
So by that logic...
we can agree that HALO is a 8 to 8.5 game with some rare 9's.

Expy  +   2611d ago
Sorry, but 4/5 was never "essentially 90%", it is 80%... Classifying it with those games in that score range is just absurd.
360degrees  +   2611d ago
Thank you Expy
I stand corrected in that in fact its review score is ONLY 80% and not the high 90% I had previously said
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The Lazy One  +   2611d ago
I have a definate leaning towards 360 over PS3 (moreso away from PS3 than the other way around)
And I can happily say that halo deserves around an average of a 9. It's not perfect, but it continued to add on gameplay that was good from the beginning (I think they strayed a little too far with 3 by adding TOO many weapons/options). It added online with 2, then forge and video with 3.

I think if they would have figured out a better way to get across some of the story elements in MGS4 through gameplay instead of so many cutscenes, it would have been a lot better (look at things like Gears or Splinter Cell for methods of in game story telling).

Now, as a writer, reader, and story lover, I can honestly say that MGS4's story is everything that's wrong with highschool creative writing classes. It tries to be everything instead of just being what it is, and in doing so loses everything it was great at when the story started. The story suffers from an incredible lack of subtlety, it's predictable, the characters are contradictory and melodramatic, and every question/plot twist revealed seems to suck some of the mystique and humanity out of the game.

Raiden alone gets stabbed repeatedly and mortally multiple times, gets crushed, gets his arm cut off, gets run over by a sub (after managing to stop it, which is ludicrous as it was able to crush through the ground he was standing on), gets his other arm cut off, and still manages to not only not die, but come out of it almost completely normal.
ikkokucrisis  +   2611d ago
Wow man, 360degrees you are like the first to comment on every negative PS3 post this week
What happened? Your 360 RROD on you? No good games to play? You've got to be the biggest PS3 troll to ever lurk these forums.
SL1M DADDY  +   2611d ago
Poated from 360degrees:
"Please I implore you, and more over challenge you to name ONE, and I do mean ONE thing In my above statement that shows any possible Bias? Its simply my opinion, so please do not use words like biased unless you truly understand their meanings "

I can point one thing out that proves your bias...

Spell it out with me:

3...6...0...d..e..g..r..e..e. .s..

And the Xbox moniker seems to add to your fanboy bias. Not to mention the plethora of posts you have made recently that seem to be overly critical of the PS3 and its games...

Go troll the open zone.
boodybandit  +   2610d ago
360degrees "I am not biased!"
**EDIT @ Tmac....
Please I implore you, and more over challenge you to name ONE, and I do mean ONE thing In my above statement that shows any possible Bias? Its simply my opinion, so please do not use words like biased unless you truly understand their meanings**

You just signed up yesterday and have already posted under dozens of articles. All of which is either taking a smug shot at Sony and their games or jumping to the defense of the 360 and their games. It really is a shame that N4G allows for such behavior just because of the wording trolls like this use in their digs.

You are here to start nonsense and nothing more. You must be sitting on your PC / Laptop around the clock waiting for new articles to spring up just so you can be the first to respond and start more nonsense.

Sorry but you are pathetic and one of the biggest reasons I rarely post or read replies on this board. Open vs Gaming zone my back side. Guys like you get around the guidelines and do nothing but cause trouble for the moderators but they deserve it for not simply getting rid of people like you from jump.

It would be a so nice if N4G would add to their rules that you can't have names like yours in the gaming zone. Anyone with names like BrandXSUXORS or BrandXFTW type names on here usually end up being a waste of space. You are only here to start trouble and nothing more. Grow up.
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chaosatom  +   2611d ago
360degrees, you wanna talk about imperfect and minorly flawed video game buddy?
talk about


Hell, even Gears have its flaws. Does it mean that it doesn't deserve 5/5 or 10/10.

stop kidding yourself.
360degrees  +   2611d ago
chaosatom ....my buddy
what exactly does the word PERFECT mean to you...if someone told you they wanted a work report, or their tax returns filed PERFECTLY would you take that to mean that it is ok to have flaws and imperfections in them?? NO it means absolutely unflawed... ..which is why i say MGS4 is not even close to perfect....

and this is to all of you guys...have you EVER heard me say that either GTA4 or HALO are perfect?? not once...they are extremely close, but also not perfect
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SpecialSauce  +   2611d ago
hows is gtaiv almost perfect???
it is filled with glitches and didn't work on many ps and xbox consoles. and halo gets boring the same afternoon u pick it up from the store. halo 3's SP mode was by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar the worst SP i have ever played from a game that has claimed to be a AAA title. i will say however that MP mode has it's fair share of moments. but also not that good.
LastDance  +   2611d ago
perfection is a point of view.......if you like simple shooting and an easy to follow storyline with interesting characters and full of action...you may consider uncharted to be absolutely PERFECT. But if you were looking for a more intricate plot with lots of hard thinking puzzles and riddles and lots of stealth its not so perfect any more.

There are so many variables in EVERYTHING, that having something that is perfect in everyones eyes is almost impossible.

Something can be easily perfect in one persons eyes. People need to stop telling others what is perfect and what isnt.
Durffen  +   2611d ago
It seems people can't have an opinion on N4G
360degrees never said that Halo 3 was perfect, and GTA IV was also on the PS3, so why do people always use GTA IV as a 360 example?

I've played through MGS4, it's not perfect. Boom, those 3 words just got me 15 disagrees and minus 3 bubbles right?

It's an opinion. MGS4 was an incredible game, but it wasn't perfect. No game is perfect, because every game needs something better in certain aspects.

I will say this right now, no game is perfect. Not MGS4, not Gears of War, not Halo 3, not Super Mario Galaxy, not GTA IV, not anything. They are all incredible games, but not perfect.

But once again, a "perfect game" is all in ones opinion. I don't think those games are perfect, but some people might.
360degrees  +   2611d ago
@ Durffen
FINALLY somebody understands my point that I am trying to get across....Its like almost a SIN in many of these "Gamers" eyes to give MGS4 anything less than perfection...I believe the only games ever to deserve a perfect score would be PACMAN, and TETRIS (but its their simplicity that negates any other possible ruling than perfection lol)
ikkokucrisis  +   2611d ago
Games scored 10/10 and 5/5 stars by review sites are not flawless games. This has been pointed out by many sites like Gamespot and the like. So give it a rest on what your definition of perfection and there's is ok?!
Pedobear  +   2611d ago
For god sake.
This is a ps3 site. Give the game a 5 like the rest.
wizerd  +   2611d ago
Can you just go away lately you have been throwing your opinions around on all ps3 news i respect you got something to say but why are you trying so hard to get other people to believe you in my eyes mgs4 is a 10 and theres nothing you can say to change that so please go back on the 360 news were your opinion means something.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2611d ago
Obviously this guy isnt a REAL MG/MGS fan or he would gladly welcome the cut-scenes

And as i keep telling these 360 whackjobs who go on about the length of the game..

Hideo kojima himself said there's only 8 hours of cinematics
I'd say it's even less then that.

It took me 25 hours to beat the game on my first try.
19 hours on my second try.

so right there.Clearly,there's more gameplay then cut-scenes.
Im really getting sick of hearing about these f*ckin bullsh!t excuse's to try and bash MGS4.
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Matt Damon  +   2611d ago
LOL I had to disagree
because clearly Canadians dont count, therefore your opinion means nothing lol
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2611d ago
How so?
Explain your theory?
juuken  +   2610d ago
You're whaling on him because he's Canadian?
Hi, you're a racist prick.
snakeater3  +   2611d ago
for a true review of mgs4, read PSM3 UK....."arguably the best in the series", "a classic masterpiece" but "ever so slightly disappointing". they gave it a well deserved 95.
Rampant  +   2611d ago
BioShock 96
Orange Box, The 96
Gears of War 94
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2007 94
Halo 3 2007 94

You know what all these games have in common? They are all on the 360 and they are all rated better or the same as the topscoring PS3-game MGS4:

n4gzz  +   2611d ago
Numbers are very misleading.
MGS4 could be 10 or 1. It all depends on you "the person who plays game". All these fake number assigned to game is ridiculous and bias. And not to mention, It is their opinion. I would like to see all the games in demo on psn or live and sites that reviews game as informative. such as what type of game it is, what to expect when you play, any flaws, control system, any trophys or achievement etc etc rather than pointing out grahpic is 8, sound is 10 and whatever. Its nothing than their opinion. I brought so many games that i didn't like and sold it without even playing one hour because of these numbers. Now, If i am not sure then i rent it first and I score my game myself and thats what counts.
Horny  +   2611d ago
360 degrees
I agree with what your saying. The game is simply not perfect but a lot of people do get emotionally attached to it.
I also understand why people would disagree with you. Many people believe that GTA4 and Halo and other games didnt deserve a high score and believe MGS4 is a lot better, basically they are comparing it to other games in its score range and therefor get pissed off at lower scores.

And guys before calling him biased, you have to realize we as MGS fans are biased as well.
SL1M DADDY  +   2611d ago
Played it and disagree with the review
It is to be expected that we get some great scores for this game all the while getting some decent scores as well. Konami, unlike Bungie, didn't send out swag bags to get higher scores than they deserved so any and all scores for MGS4 are expected to be an honest review based on the reviewers unswayed opinion. That's all they are though, an opinion these days.
jay2  +   2610d ago
For the love of god, please stop with the BEEPing reviews a month after a games launched. Why do you guys keep approving these reviews?
LorD  +   2610d ago
thats a dumb review. He played the game for 1 hour, and fought bosses for 4 hours??

He's just not doing it right.
wangdiddy82  +   2610d ago
WOW!!! there are some retards in here
Talking to 360degrees and The Lazy One.. did you even play mgs4??? Most likely not, i can tell from your comments.. Especially the one saying mgs4 should follow gear of war and splinter cell for there story telling.. thats just laugable man.. Last time i played gears i really dont remember any kind of story being told in that game. In all honesty there was no story at all and everyone can tell you that. Even cliffy b has admitted the story sucking in gears 1.. And the last couple of slinter cells have been pretty freaking bad.

MGS4 is beyond anything that is out right now.. the game is off the charts why else is it one of the highest rated games out? Higher rated than any 360 exclusive too... No game will touch MGS4 for a long time...
The Lazy One  +   2610d ago
you don't even know wtf I was talking about. I was talking about the way they portray story interactively. In gears you could walk around the environment while the story was being revealed aside from some SHORT cutscenes.

In splinter cell they had some really amazing interactive cutscenes that revealed a lot of story as well as a lot of the story being revealed through you putting yourself in a position to have the story revealed to you via sneaking around etc.

I'm not talking about story arc or characters, just the way the story is presented.

edit: also, I haven't played it all the way through, nor do I have a desire to. I've watched friends play it more, and I watched it on youtube before it started getting taken down.

Believe it or not I was an MGS fan. the first one is one of my favorite games ever. The second is one of my least favorite, so much so, in fact, that it actually hurt MGS3 and MGS4 because of it for me.
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wangdiddy82  +   2610d ago
oh yea
go play your over rated halo 3 game and stop commenting on a game you never played and will never play because you dont own a ps3.. I smell jealousy and envy..

Halo 3 sucks balls. halo series was like the matrix trilogy. the 1st halo was awesome. the 2nd halo was medicore. and the 3rd halo was garbage..

psn. wangdiddy
xbox live. bigdaddycrosby

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