The Current State of Open-World Oversaturation

With games like Uncharted and Dragon Age taking on open-world elements, is this really the best direction for every franchise throughout the industry?

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WeAreLegion1275d ago

Not every series needs it, but it's great for some. I think we'll be alright.

Xavior_Reigns1275d ago

Exactly, it benefits some new and established series but not all. Developers would be wise to ignore the hate against "linear," unless open world truly makes their game much better. Otherwise its a waste of resources just to shut the mouths of ridiculous trolls whining over a game being linear.

GokuSolosAll1275d ago

Absolutely NOT. Some work but I really dread the direction they're taking every game in. Some a cool like Skyrim, sure, but don't get carried away.

ShaunCameron1275d ago

No. Where are the gamers gonna find the time to play if every game was open-world?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

My only problem with Dragon Age was it's lack of a defined narrative. If the questing and combat mechanics weren't so good this game would have degenerated into a boring fetch quest like Watch_Dogs. Not every game needs to be open world, especially if there isn't a great story to guide you. For some games, like Watch Dogs, a sandbox that would have you confined to certain areas until you complete certain missions would have been more effective.

memots1275d ago

never been a fan of open world.
Id rather have tight story telling and controls.
Gears of war . Uncharted and the last of us did it very well.
While i welcome multiple path, i dont want to lost my time doing fetch quest since open world is a little limited in what you can do.

jb2271275d ago

I have to agree…the only open world games w/ solid storytelling that I can recall were Red Dead Redemption & aspects of Infamous. Everything else was fun & a quick way to waste a few hours completing tasks & collecting objects, but narratives always suffer in open worlds. Some people bemoan having stories at all and say that its all about the gameplay but I feel like gaming was always driving towards a future where a great story could be told while still having tight, fun & exciting gameplay. Games like Uncharted & TLOU are the pinnacle of storytelling in games for me personally and while TLOU had a move towards more open areas, it never sacrificed the variety in locales that can be so vital to telling a compelling story. When I play a game I want to get lost in interesting environments, but like a good rock song, a little goes a long way. I don't want to be subjected to the same environment for the duration of a title, it just gets boring for me personally.

memots1274d ago

Uncharted 2 , To me was the best
the passe in that game was incredible. It was none stop and wanted me to see more at each corner.

I think Shadow of Mordor does it well. Map are big but not enough to lose focus. The story goes hand in hand with with gameplay. Its a tough balance to achieve.

But the whole sandbox style has its place but i hope it doesn't become one of those check mark that some people seem to "demand" for a game.

jb2271274d ago


I totally agree, Uncharted 2 was the game that singlehandedly got me back into gaming after kinda ignoring it for about a decade. I really haven't played anything that has bested it in terms of just being nonstop quality from start to finish.

Now that you recommend Shadow of Mordor I think I'm gonna have to grab that one. Seems like we have similar tastes & I've always thought it looked like it played great but the story aspect was the one part that I was a bit leery of. I definitely dig a good sandbox game but I'm like you, I don't want it to be the model for every single game. I'd say at this point it's going a bit overboard, it's becoming easier for devs to create open worlds but its still as difficult as ever to create one that tells a worthwhile story. Even Rockstar has stumbled in this arena and they basically perfected the format.

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