Majora's Mask 3D Odolwa Boss Fight Gameplay - PAX South 2015

"See how the Woodfall Temple boss fight, Odolwa, has changed in the 3DS remake."

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ChickeyCantor1155d ago

It's almost as if they never changed the models but only the textures.

3-4-51154d ago

It's still based on the N64 though, they can just update it.

remixx1161154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Oh God the memories, still remember that pitch dark room with those weird black things that would attack you, damn I was scared of that room.

LightDiego1154d ago

Nostalgic. It's a must-buy.

Foraoise1154d ago

He has an eye now... and more flowers for deku link to bomb him with. Huh. Weird that they made a "Hit Spot", but whatevs/

Pozzle1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I kinda like the eye. Apparently all the bosses have Majora's eye on them now, so I think it's supposed to represent Majora's possession over the bosses.

A couple of sites have mentioned that the eye makes this battle a bit more difficult too, because it's a smaller 'weak spot' instead of Odolwa's entire body being a weak spot. Apparently all of the boss battles have been slightly altered so that they are more challenging and there is more strategy involved. I'm...cautiously optimistic that they will be good changes.

Randostar1154d ago

The eyeball is just a boosted damage point. you can still defeat them regularly without hitting the eye once.

Geobros1154d ago

I played Majora once in the past, I bought day one for my N64. To be honest, I finished it quickly with all upgrades ans heart pieces but I dont have many memories now days.

That boss for example says nothing to me. Looks funny though. Anyway, i want to say that Majora didnt like much to me, I will test this new version and maybe I will change my thoughts about that game.