Awaiting Orders – Building More Female Representation in Shooters

For years, gamers and developers alike have argued back and forth about creating playable women characters in first-person shooters. Some video game franchises – such as Call of Duty and Killing Floor – have been quicker to add women player characters, while others have lagged behind. However, as many games pride themselves on atmospheric immersion, and women compose over 30% of the first-person shooter demographic, implementing women characters in first-person shooters is becoming a much more dire necessity over time.

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001302d ago

why does it matter your going to be shooting and blowing shit up anyways no matter the gender.

SaveFerris1302d ago

Over 30% of players in FPS are women? Interesting. Anyway, does this mean BF:Hardline will feature female cops and robbers too?

Panzerkanzler1302d ago

Are you crazy? That would be gender-o-phobic! Women can't be portrayd negatively, that would be sexist!

Panzerkanzler1302d ago

Women are 30% of the FPS crowd? How was that number researched? Is it even true? In what country? Anyway, in a FPS I couldn't give a flying fuck about the gender of the character. All I care about there is killing the other team and doing that makes the question whether my character is wearing panties or boxers totally irrelevant.