Why Assassin's Creed Unity deserves a second chance

Zack Stein (IGN's News Lead) approached Assassin's Creed: Unity with cautious optimism, steeling himself for the inevitable heartbreak: he expected to play this glitchy, buggy game until he couldn't stand it anymore and move on.

But then something interesting happened.

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N311V1269d ago

I didn't think it was bad to begin with but regardless, if you've been interested but held off I'd say jump in. AC:Unity is a great game.

Yi-Long1269d ago

I'm still waiting for a complete release of Black Flag, before I'll even consider getting Unity.

Mr Pumblechook1269d ago

'Zack Stein IGN's news lead'

That says it all.

Bobby Kotex1269d ago

I waited for it to get patched up and finished the campaign. Its just as good as any other AC game

starchild1268d ago


No, it's very good, just like the other Assassin's Creed games.

I mean, while we're treating our opinions as facts...

-Foxtrot1269d ago

I've seen a few of the articles in past month or so with this game.

Is it them trying to get back of Ubisofts good side...even though most of them still gave it a decent score it didn't deserve.

N311V1269d ago

I doubt it. If as you say it received a higher score than it deserved why would they be on Ubisoft's bad side?

I'd say this is a genuin opinion piece. The author held off on AC:Unity because of the publicised bugs but after its been patched he decided to give it a chance and genuinely had a good time. He's just letting others whom might be interested but held off what he thought of it.

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richierich1269d ago

Lets just put AC Unity behind us and hope they have learned from their mistakes

Speak_da_Truth1269d ago

I would If I didn't pay full $60 for Watchdogs only to trade it in a week after being disappointed. What's funny is I was gonna get AC Unity. In fact I pre ordered it but then one of my friends let me shareplay Shadow of Mordor and on AC Unity's release date I read how the game was buggy as hell and I cancelled my pre order and got Shadow of Mordor instead. Guess what? I wish I had spend full $60 on Shadow of Mordor. My personal GOTY.

1269d ago
XiMasterChief1269d ago

You should spend that $60 on grammatical classes.

Speak_da_Truth1269d ago

Probably but I'd spend it on anything but AC Unity lol

1269d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.