Driveclub Close-up Screenshots Show the Best Vegetation in a Racing Game, Crazy Graphics on PS4

When you think about racing games, you normally think about fantastic cars surrounded by low polycount crowd, cardboard trees and not exactly stellar environments, because most of the hardware resources are dedicated to render what’s close to the area where the player’s eye will focus. Most probably you won’t think about lush vegetation that would look good on its own.

Driveclub overthrows that concept.

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Xsilver1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Dc looks so damn good that people now taking pics of the foliage that's crazye and my friends are having a drift challenge to see whose the king ps I'm the king (0_0)

St0rmbr1nger11111182d ago

That looks like a world I want to go out and explore, Skyrim style. I hope this generation we get open world games with these kind of graphics. If we get these kind of graphics with VR, I'm going to have a hard time wanting to live in reality.

KirbysDump1181d ago

The best vegetation lol, so sad gaming has come to this

inveni01181d ago

In the last 15 years, graphics have improved phenomenally. Way more than they had the 15 years prior. This is why people are caught in awe of the improvements year-to-year. People love everything about games, and now they can love the visuals. I'm GLAD gaming CAN come to this. Weren't you impressed with the improvement in visuals from Mario to Mario 3 on NES? I know my friends and I were. And back then, it wasn't weird to be impressed by something, and it still shouldn't be today.

Dee_911181d ago

"Best Vegetation in a Racing Game"
Racing genre fans have been wanting better vegetation for years.While just about every other genre was receiving 3d vegetation, racings games was still getting 2d textures.This is a BIG thing imo.

andrarfc1181d ago

This shit is getting boring, nothing but a nice looking driving game. Which is actually shit.

larrysdirtydrawss1181d ago

you should actually play it dick jesus

Svinya1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Next up, analysis of DriveClub road pebbles. Excitedly waiting, Abriel.

However, this and 1886 will be my first two ps4 games soon.

Volkama1182d ago

Hey, at least this one has an article description that is laced with irony.

JimmyDM901182d ago

You know what's more boring than watching grass grow? Looking at screenshots of grass grow.

Svinya1182d ago

Do these trees do the 2d sprite thing as well?

purp13m0nk3y1182d ago

I had an acid trip like that once. Was awesome.

Ninjatogo1181d ago

Pretty much every game does this. The only reason it looks so weird in that instance is because the person in the video is using the free camera and viewing them from a different angle than normally intended.

Really grasping at straws here.

Barricade1181d ago

Is this a PlayStation 4 exclusive? You know, since it isn't mentioned in the title of the article for once.

Enough with the jokes, I may have an idea for you Abriael. What if you just made an article about how the game plays? How rewarding the game is, how addicting it is to become good at it and win races? By now everybody knows DC is the best looking racer (even the Xbox fanboys start to see it) out there at this moment. But some people still say the gameplay is lacking, while it isn't. I like FH2 more for it's open world but DC is a solid racing game and a solid 8+/10 game.

KirbysDump1181d ago

Nothing handles like Forza

WickedLester1181d ago

LOL I love Driveclub but yeah, these articles are starting to get silly.

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Kiwi661182d ago

So who exactly stops mid race just to look at the grass

Loktai1182d ago

Apparently enough people that I cant go online without seeing another article about how good driveclub looks.

I own driveclub its breathtaking and it plays really well but at some point we need to stop these articles. Yes it looks amazing - graphics do matter for immersion but enough already its getting tired talking about its visuals.

Svinya1182d ago

I agree. Annoying as hell.

MCTJim1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I third that :D Next up the density of the grass blades after the lawn has been mowed.

Dlacy13g1182d ago

@Loktai, but what will they write about for hits? That's all these stupid types of look at this amazing leaf articles are for after all. Nothing truly informative comes from this...just something to make you go "click".

snookiegamer1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

@Loktai, MCTJim & Svinya

If you're totally fed up with all the DriveClub articles re;Visuals or whatever, why did you choose to come here?

Not very smart huh?

Even if the article adds little, I agree with 'Orbilator' that some people just come to complain. Infact, those other people who do not have any intention of buying PS4/DC shouldn't even be here, and probably only came here to troll. MCTJim, I'm never [Yawns] surprised to see you furthering an agenda.

I suspect, since you 3 Amigo's are so fed up of certain DC articles, we won't see you in them anymore?

Loktai1181d ago


Do you know what comments sections are for? If people keep posting these articles and many people feel the same way about them I guess they should shut up. How are you any better... you came to an article simply to complain about people commenting on the high number of driveclub articles talking about minute details that have been covered already 50 times, months after the game lanuched?

"...since you 3 Amigo's are so fed up of certain DC articles, we won't see you in them anymore? "

Who the hell is WE? You're a one-bubble wonder. There is no "we" on the site including you, you're the pariah here.

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GribbleGrunger1182d ago

Well ... the people that took these pictures?

Orbilator1181d ago

Yet here you all are in an article about drive clubs visuals. Why even click into an article if your no intrested. I'm sick of people coming into articles just to moan about them.

sorane1182d ago

How about some real time in game screens instead of fake photomode bullshots.

sAVAge_bEaST1181d ago

Gatorade, Powerade,. and Haterade.

have the latter.

sin72791181d ago

game in real time looking like this,troll, this not a flopza2 and 2d crowd and plants!

sorane1181d ago

haha No it doesn't. These are fake photomode shots and nothing more. Game doesn't look anything like that in real time. Photomode adds all sorts of stuff not possible in real time like soft shadows, much much better IQ, it even swaps out cars models for higher poly ones unless you're in time trial with only one car on the track.

iNFAMOUZ11182d ago Show