Microsoft Finally Reveals the Fate of Xbox’s Super-Cool IllumiRoom

Remember IllumiRoom? The technology shown by Microsoft Research that used Kinect to “extend” the screen of Xbox games beyond the TV and into the rest of the room back in 2013?

Finally, you get to know what happened with it, thanks to Xbox Live Operations Manager Eric Neustadter.

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DragonbornZ1391d ago

Oh yeah. Huh... Damn.
Wellp hopefully HoloLens will take its place and/or be enhanced by an illumiroom for consumers later down the road.

Abriael1391d ago

yeah, hololens has the potential to do pretty much the same thing, probably a lot better.

bleedsoe9mm1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

3d vs 2d projected image

XBLSkull1391d ago

Illumiroom was never practical, you would need to purchase like 6 projectors to use it, a multi-thousand dollar investment. Cool stuff, but that is not something a consumer would purchase, and would be better suited for a different setting like a theme park, family entertainment center or something like that.

medman1391d ago

After Project Natal, I reserve my right to remain skeptical. Hopeful, but skeptical. Just keep Milo and Molyneux away, and maybe Hololens has a chance.

ltachiUchiha1390d ago

I agree medman but its definitely an impressive tech nonetheless.

alabtrosMyster1390d ago

KEep in mind that hololens is self contained, cpu/gpu, Storage, battery... The performance will be disapointing for anything even remotely demanding (vr gaming is out of the question).

Yetter1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )


Except that it can work hand in hand with any windows 10 device so a PC or an XB1 can do the grunt of the processing work. Therefore VR gaming is not out of the question.

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Kingdomcome2471391d ago

Although incredibly cool it just never seemed as though it could be practical for your average consumer. Have to love think tanks, though. Lots of darts get tossed at the board. Some stick, some don't.

kingdip901391d ago

Hopefully the hololense demonstration won't be as disappointing. Ms have my hopes up with that one.

Magicite1391d ago

why Ive a feeling that all this VR/AR nonsense wont be viable for quite a while..

feedthereaper1390d ago

Because it won't! Even the developer of Hololens (who came up with the whole Kinect idea) is saying it may take a while for it to go commercial and maybe not in its current format. Because it requires voice input as part of its UI he has already suggested that it could take a year or more to just fine tune the voice commands to work 99% of the time or else it will fail.
That and the fact that even the developer kits are not going to be in the hands of a few "selected" developers until later this year and knowing that can throw up a lot of issues once its used on a bigger mass than in-house, it could literally be 3+ years away from any form of retail release.

Thats not to say its not working and doing the job, NASA are already using Hololens and have helped develop the technology. They have been using it for the MARS Rover to see whether it can give better UI than computer commands UI, and its shown how it can be used as an educational and support tool already in demonstrations. The problem is that it could be halfway through the X1 life before it ever see's a retail release and then you have the game developers not really sure how to develop for it until someone else comes up with a phenomenal idea for it.
Its going to take an Indie developer to create a low-budget but addictive game genre for it before any of the major studios make a move to budget for a bigger scale game release.

The reality is that Hololens, like Kinect is not really a game tool, its a multipurpose tool and that is why Kinect has been incredibly successful in the world of technology with mods and hacks and uses for it being recognised all around the tech world, but Microsoft made the mistake of aiming it at a gaming market that is limited and underused and so it flopped heavily as a gaming add-on. App developers LOVE Kinect, Game developers only interested in profits do not..... and Microsoft have not really supported the app community and instead tried to bribe and create for the gaming community. Epic flop.

Eddie201011390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Hololens unlike illumiroom has a real chance of becoming a consumer product but it's a long way off and is no where near being in consumers hands. I doubt it will be during this gens life cycle.

feraldrgn1390d ago

Hololens is basically Vita/3DS tech over your eyes.



Yetter1390d ago

I would say there is a 95% chance that Hololens will be a consumer product and a 0% chance that was ever planned for illumiroom.

Judging from all the hand on articles I've read and the fact that they've been working on it already for 7 years, I doubt we are that far out. Maybe not this holiday season but I could see a very expensive gen 1 coming out late 2016, early 2017

Eddie201011389d ago

The stories I have read about Hololens demos said that basically it was taking a whole room of equipment to do the demo, starting with being placed in a harness that was lowered over your head and suspended from the ceiling because of the weight of the equipment, plus many censors placed around the room, long ways from being a consumer head set. Also from what I have read, it is being developed for PC first and then coming to Xbox One later. Seems to me the common sense expectation of this coming to market would that it is a ways off.

1390d ago
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Kavorklestein1391d ago

I agree with Abriel, hololens will do the same thing only better, excluding illumi-room's ability to possibly immerse bystanders who are watching you play in your living room.
But it's harder to sell a projector that makes you 'sorta kinda see shapes from the game all over your walls' compared to a hybrid ar/vr device

Yetter1390d ago

can you imagine playing your game on your TV but the cross hairs and HUD elements were right out in front of you (unlike illumiroom ) and the rest of the game space is projected around the TV (not unlike illumiroom).

The future is awesome

Naga1391d ago

Usually, journalists can't put vaporware on their heads and give us their hands-on impressions of how awesome it is.

Kavorklestein1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

That's right Naga, shut him down! Vaporware... Like the Last Guardian kind of Vaporware? Or like "If I don't look at it or think about it- it doesn't exist" kind of Vaporware?
Pathetic comment either way.

MeliMel1390d ago

That was great. Bubble^

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jhoward5851391d ago

How much is this is going to cost?

HoloLens along with x1 is going to be amazing. COD would never be the same again.

Nekroo911391d ago

Hololens is a pc alone pretty much, not just a gaming device.

We dont even know if its going to be used for the xbox at all... but great technology and a game changer for the future

jhoward5851391d ago

Dang, I'm really interested in Hololens technology. I hope they add x1 support.

DLConspiracy1391d ago

It's Windows 10 based. So that includes XBOX support.

its_JEFF1390d ago

It's not going to be cheap, that's for sure. It's going to have its own CPU & GPU.... so yeah. I'm guessing it'll be viable for business first then consumer later. I think ME is selling those monitor/PC table tops but they're really expensive. I think it'll evetually get cheaper then this will make an impact.

I would love to have a compact, reasonably priced version of this.

MeliMel1390d ago

Its a standalone device that will be compatible with Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. It will also bring MS MEGA $$$ in the private sector.

bluzone1390d ago

@Nekroo91 exactly right.

"Microsoft's solution appears to be more mainstream, aimed at engineers, designers, scientists and general consumers who are looking for ways to make their jobs and everyday tasks easier."

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imXify1391d ago

Surface, Windows 10, Office, Hololens and then Illumiroom..

Am I falling in love with Microsoft again? Stay tuned after theses commercials.


imXify1390d ago

I don't really have time to game anymore, whatever the brand it is from.

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