This is Nintendo’s JRPG: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X may just seal the deal on the Xenoblade franchise becoming a major pillar of Nintendo‘s company going forward. Nintendo has been forced to innovate in a time when they’ve been abandoned by almost every single third party studio out there, and that includes extending their reach into genres they’ve had no presence in until fairly recently. With the critical success of Xenoblade Chronicles, Nintendo has doubled down with Xenoblade Chronicles X, and it it just might pay off.

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Locknuts1340d ago

This will be my first JRPG.

PlebeGamer1340d ago

If it lives up to the standard of the first game, then it's a great decision to jump into JRPGs with this one.

jholden32491340d ago

Excellent choice- 20 years from now you'll still be chasing a JRPG to match the excellence of the first one you ever played.

Letthewookiewin1340d ago

You should play many more after it. Actually before it. It's my favorite genre.

shaw981340d ago

Imo, Nintendo has a masterpiece in every genre. This is Nintendo's in the JRPG section.

PlebeGamer1340d ago

I'm really hoping this lives up to the expectations set by the original Xenoblade Chronicles. If it's a success then we'll have a new JRPG series on par with anything SE offers us, and they'll strive to get better.

Neckbear1340d ago

Eh, it'll easily live up to Xenoblade Chronicles, the real question is wheter it'll live up to its Xenogears pedegree (and inspiration, from what we've seen of it) or not.

The 10th Rider1340d ago

Eh, honestly they're still missing a strong competitive shooter. Metroid is totally different than most shooters, though it is definitely a masterpiece. Here's hoping Splatoon fills the gap!

wonderfulmonkeyman1340d ago

If Splatoon doesn't, Devil's Third may just do it.
Even if they sell poorly, there's no question that they'll both be built to adequately satiate those that want competitive shooters.

Concertoine1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

A western RPG is what they lack

Also horror. The fatal frame series could nail that if it had something beyond a pocket change budget and japanese exclusivivity.

The 10th Rider1339d ago

Godo one! I almost forgot about Devil's Third. I'm with you about the horror games, technically they have it, they just don't really put any weight behind it. They had Eternal Darkness, you could count that too.

In a rather broad sense I totally agree that they have masterpieces in every genre. Once you get into different kinds of shooters and different kind of RPG's is when it starts to get a bit sketchy.

Xavior_Reigns1340d ago

Never played the first one but I'm quite excited about this one. Those character models though... somethings not right but something tells me I'll easily overlook that once the game is on my TV.

PlebeGamer1340d ago

Yeah the character models didn't translate well to 3D, but you spend a majority of the game staring at colossal monsters and giant open maps and they sort of fade into the background noise.

At least the ugliest model we've seen is the create-a-character, so your main can look more acceptable to your tastes as long as you don't give him that malformed skull.

The 10th Rider1340d ago

I've noticed that too. Up close the game really isn't too visually impressive. Then, in the latest trailer, it hit me...If you think of it as an MMO or overhead RPG rather than an over-the-shoulder third person RPG it really does look absolutely breathtaking. That seems to be the scope they're going for, too.

jholden32491340d ago

It's like Dragon Age Inquisition (which also had some funky character expressions) because you create your own character, and that custom character is used for the cut scenes. Only this game has a more anime art style mixed with realism... I think it looks great actually- the perfect balance between the fantastical and the real.

Xavior_Reigns1340d ago

I don't mind the anime style, but it still looks a little odd. As for DAI, it took awhile but my character turned out great (IMO) save for Bioware's sometimes wonky facial animations. Maybe it'll be the same with XCX and you just gotta work the create-a-character. Regardless I'm still looking forward to playing the game. How awesome would it be if it included Xenoblade Chronicles?