Developer creates next-gen pubic hair

From gameplayer:

"From the jiggling buttocks of Jill of the Jungle through to the independent breast physics of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, the groundbreaking games have been the ones that found new ways to turn gamers on.

"But we may have reached the final frontier. Eccentric British programmer Jeff Minter has created next-gen pubic hair on his Xbox 360 dev kit."

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QueefyB3662d ago

hey shouldnt the developer be making games i mean i think xbox 360 players want to see what pubic hair looks like but i think they would rather have some more games

SlappingOysters3662d ago

Although I wonder if the PS3 fanboys will be a little disappointed that there is no pubic hair for them.

Although I guess Ratchet it one giant, walking merkin!

AngryTypingGuy3662d ago

Do Sony fanboys even know what pubic hair is?

Personally, I hate pubic hair, I'd rather see it shaved.

Mai Dong3662d ago

I ruv pubic hair, but I always brur it out when I make porno, cuz I just a sirry Asian.

gambare3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

mmm.. if the censorship don't allows certain level of nakedness I doubt this can be used in games, I expect this to be used only in CG movies. anyway is the short use of render hair.

Pain3662d ago

Saw the on XBOX 360 ... said to self explains alot.

SpecialSauce3661d ago

u must hate foreign b1tches

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xhairs93662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Most PS3 "fanboys" (or even PS3 owners period) aren't barbarians, we don't want to see pubic hair, we want fully shaved (or brazilian waxed) vah-j-j's here only.

I feel bad that what lies in your future is a fat chick unable to shave the nether-regions forcing you to stare at her sweaty pubes. Ugh, gross.


? If you call pubeless hotties screwed up, I feel bad for you man.

Tmac3662d ago

Damn, you go out with some pretty screwed up chicks.

butterfinger3662d ago

You would think a guy named "xhairs" would like a little pube action:P

gambare3662d ago

or maybe he's japanese.

Play B3yond3661d ago

well said xhairs...although ur name is ironic with wat u said...only place hair looks good on females is their head

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MidnightProwler3662d ago

What, no love for the 70's bush?

King_many_layers3662d ago

you say you want them shaved, but do you keep your hedge trimmed ??

I doubt it like most judgemental males who want lady's to have standards that they don't have.

ThanatosDMC3661d ago

The big difference is how on women when we do what we do... is that they get in the way... ummm.. wait... nvm, it's because we're lazy and demanding.

It's just sexier when shaved on them... we practically only do one basic thing anyway to satisfy ourselves and reach climax... so yeah.

xhairs93661d ago

As a matter of fact I do. Unlike most Radical Feminists you're too stereotypical and judgmental to think that people do stray from the norm.

jessupj3661d ago

I don't usually like saying owned, but i think it's called for now. Good job with the come back. I think the man hater deserves it.

thesummerofgeorge3661d ago

Sexy... Technology can now bring us the unsightly hair we'd rather see shaved. Or maybe the wild thick bush is coming back... God help us all.

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dhammalama3662d ago

I like my next-gen shaved.

Theo11303662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

This has Itagaki's name all over it.

Tmac3662d ago

Aw man, I lol'd all over the place.