The Future of Infinity Ward

IW Blog: "The biggest question I'm probably asked the most on any given day is, "What are you guys working on now?!"; Especially since it's been nearly 9 months after we've shipped (the currently #1 most played game on Xbox Live) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a Variety Map Pack for it on every platform, and several patches later. While I can't quite say what it is, that we're currently working on it, I did want to give you a status report on exactly what's happening here at Infinity Ward and where we're going as a studio."

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Zip3731d ago

they are working on a new call of duty game :O! omg!! *the crowd goes amoc*

Lord Anubis3731d ago

what is your bed made of?

Close_Second3731d ago lobby training school cause the lobby that was used to front the console version of COD4 was sub-par. Mind you, it is better than the one for Battlefield: Bad Company...another solid on-line game with a less than adequate lobby system.