Major League Eating On Wii, Seriously

This game is based on the greatest sport in the world Eating Food. The Game was developed by Sensory Sweep and published by Mastiff. This game has many famous eaters on it and will be using the Wii-Mote.

The Wii Mote will be used just like you normally eat lifting the food shoving it in and instead of gaining wait you will have a pretty good chance at lose of weight. Plus you don't have to burn of thoose extra calories unless they make you use the wii fit boars.

The Game is scedualed for TBA 2008 but since Australia is the most obese country in the world it should be very popluar here.

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pwnsause3694d ago

oh look more shovelware, now i say were the future of gaming is going. sooner or later instead of playing a serious Mario game, we soon are going to see Mario cooks for Bowser, cant wait to see that game, it'll be just like cooking mama.

ChickeyCantor3693d ago

Why are you pretending that Nintendo developed this trash?
If nintendo made this shovelware it would at least be fun at some point XD

pwnsause3693d ago

im saying this is were the wii is heading.

PeterGriffinSays3693d ago

This is exactly why nobody takes the Wii seriously. If it weren't for Brawl, Twilight and Galaxy, thing would've been DONE.

Axelay3693d ago

Stop H(e)ating guys.
If it doesn't interest you, don't pay attention.
Me, i'm very curious about this one of course i'm never going to buy it.
But unlike others i like new ideas, it can be fun and if its price is between 5 and 8$ why not.

Monteblanco3693d ago

I wouldn't buy it for myself. But, if cheap, I can see me buying it as a gift for a friend who is a glutton.