Is Sony Bringing Starr Mazer to PS4?

Hardcore Gamer: Even though the highly-lauded Kickstarter for Star Mazer launched just days ago, it seems the game could already be on its way to PS4.

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ValKilmer1305d ago

Sony doesn't waste any time securing these great looking indie titles.

Godmars2901305d ago

Thing is, Sony could have made titles like this, something that combines SHUMPS and platformers into two segments of the same game, long ago.

The likes of Capcom certainly would have thought this up if not for the 3D shooter craze.

lonelyplayer1305d ago

Videogames are art and as art they require more creativeness and inspiration than money.

Godmars2901304d ago

Guessing you never bought or played PS1 games.

Godmars2901304d ago

Try to see the 'big picture" of modern gaming:

- High-end tools have become as cost prohibitive as they are complex.

- No matter how much Shinola devs put on their hype - and its often too much - actual development has become so complex that there will always shortcuts and compromises. Just as there are glitches and game breaking level bugs.

Much of what's being contributed to as art or inspiration now is being done with tools decades old. Tools which were forgotten by AAA publishers in the rush towards 3D, HD and millions in profits. Now this "retro" craze is happening and indies are looking to make millions off revamped concepts, so nothing has really changed.

Hell. This Kanye West and Paul McCartney all over again.

Killzoner991305d ago

Another amazing exclusive coming to the PS4. 2015 is going to be an expensive year.

Sarobi1305d ago

Man, I remember seeing this a year back and was so sad that it was just a fake game. BUT NOW IT'S REAL!, and this news is great.

telekineticmantis1305d ago

Looks hilarious. I swear if this has the entertaining dialogue in it, I might just get it, $30 seems a little steep though.

Skate-AK1304d ago

$30 is less than a trip for two to the movies.