Justice League : Xbox 360 Footage Surfaces from the Cancelled Game

Back in 2012, screenshots and concept art emerged from a game that was in development around 2008-2009 that was initially based on the Justice League movie, which was also cancelled. PtoPOnline has an exclusive first look at video from the game's versus mode, with the promise of more video to come.

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shloobmm31052d ago

i can see why it was cancelled.

XXXL1052d ago

Holy Generic Batman!

CorndogBurglar1052d ago

This looks terrible.

I was disappointed that the Avengers first person shooter was cancelled though. That gameplay with Iron Man looked like it had tons of potential.

Magnus1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

Shame they can't make a justice league game that played like marvel ultimate alliance. Only decent Justice league out their is Lego Batman with the extra characters that's it. I'd play that hope Activision gets off their asses an make a sequel.

Skate-AK1052d ago

Crazy these are the same people that developed the new Killer Instinct. Now Amazon owns them.

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