40 Minutes of New Dying Light Multiplayer PVP, Co-op and Tense Night Time Gameplay

Check out 40 minutes of all new Dying Light gameplay.

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SaveFerris972d ago

Looks like fun. Mad crazy fun with zombies.

Psychotica972d ago

I got it all pre-loaded just waiting for Tuesday..

FullmetalRoyale972d ago

So excited. I've hardly watched any footage, and haven't watched any in months. Though I have been keeping up with news about it.
I am really looking forward to the coop.

Clown_Syndr0me972d ago

This out yet? Loads of people streaming already.
Played it briefly at EGX last September, was pretty cool. Didn't get long enough to make my mind up though.

spacedelete972d ago

another PS Plus fodder i'll wait until its free.

nX972d ago

The chance of you dying until this happens is higher than the chance of it happening, have fun waiting.

Fro_xoxo972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Jeez.. It's not that deep.

I still wouldn't play this even if it were given to me for free.

I don't get the Zombie obsession.

DeadlyOreo972d ago (Edited 972d ago )


Why are you here on a Dying Light related article then? Surely you must know this is a Zombie game, so you either are interested or you're randomly spewing hate.