Super Mario Amiibo to be a Timed Exclusive

The Mario Amiibo of the new Super Mario series amiibo will not be available on store shelves with the rest of the line-up at launch.

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theradadmiral941186d ago

Nintendo continues to boggle my mind.

FLCL4711Fox1186d ago

Can't wait for that Mega Man amiibo! To be honest though, the Mario Party amiibo are kinda lame in comparison.

mrjam01186d ago

So far, amiibo has been painfully unimpressive. Maybe this'll change my mind.

jholden32491186d ago

Hahaha... I love it. This is going to be so amusing seeing all the people who spazz out over this. Keep up the good work Nintendo, lemme go get some popcorn and a soda real quick.

RosweeSon1186d ago

Possibly peach as well as both Her and Mario are down as £14.99 on GAME all the others including the awesome Toad are £10.99 ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.