Star Wars Battlefront: Is THIS How Heroes Work?

Swtorstrategies: If DICE did follow the way Titanfall works each player will have an opportunity to play as a hero since the game is set on a timer. This would make it fair for every player in the game, but there are different ways DICE could make the game work.

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PockyKing1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

All these articles are is speculation marked as rumors? Why not just label them as opinion pieces..

In your title it is not though.

Perjoss1298d ago

Gotta love 'news' headlines that end with a question mark...

carlingtat1297d ago

If a news headline ever ends in a question 9 times out of 10 the answer is no

crazychris41241298d ago

I doubt were gonna get much news about Battlefront until a couple weeks after Hardline releases. EA doesn't want anything taking attention away from hardline. I say will get a trailer in April.

DeadlyFire1298d ago

I doubt that. Possibly won't see anything until E3 So that hardline can have a high rise of attention until then.

kamper1298d ago

I think it would be a mistake if this game is released when the new movie is released. As this article shows, fans want to see a game with features not seen before in older games. This type of creativity can't be rushed or we're just going to get a copy of Battlefield with a Star Wars skin, which is what Star Wars Battlefront has always been. I have a bad feeling, it is being rushed.

BC_Master_Haze1298d ago

Are you the same guy in the comment section of the article or did you copy and paste that?

lotta1298d ago

No. Just wan't to write something cool

BC_Master_Haze1298d ago

Can't say that I haven't done the same thing :D

Randostar1298d ago

They have been working on it since early 2013, 2 1/2 years is plenty enough time for them to make a proper game. Im pretty sure that most of the team is working on it now that final stand has been released.

antz11041297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Anyone that says this is going to be a battlefield game with a star wars skin never played the originals. Christmas '15 is the perfect time to release this with the movie coming out as the fans would eat it up. And at that point it'll have been a few years since the DICE teaser, more than enough dev time.

@ lotta this article was click bait speculation, you should have labeled it more appropriately.

kamper1298d ago ShowReplies(2)
ThePain11298d ago

A Couple of things i hope to see in this game:
An option to switch from 1st person to 3rd person simultaneously,
A large verity of maps both large and small,
Plenty of vehicles i.e (air, land, water),
lots of game modes including a game mode witch will allow 2 players or more to pilot a jedi from a 3rd person point of view like in the old games.
And finally i want to see some familiar faces from like obi one, vader, han solo, darth mall, skywalker ect..

The 10th Rider1298d ago

I hope you mean instantaneously...Simultaneous third and first person would be more than a bit nauseating.

CorndogBurglar1298d ago

Obi One. Lol

And Darth Mall. Is that where Sith get all their shopping done?

nidhogg1298d ago

I was fairly surprised when he spelled skywalker right haha.

ThePain11297d ago

Haha thanks for pointing that out buddy, my noobish star wars grammar even amuses me :)
my inability to spell star wars characters names is one thing but i still think these features could really make for an awesome game!!
nobody want's a battlefield clone ... that shit would be horrible :D

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