The Era of Zombie Games is Over, Cue in the Space Games

OnlySP: Games tend to come around in cycles. This may be particular game series (I think Call of Duty is up to about 2,000 right now), or specified genres within gaming. Thankfully, the most recent Genre of the Year(s) seems to finally be drawing to a close: that genre being zombie games.

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SeanScythe1305d ago

Nope and I hope we get more of them. I want Zombie DLC for GTA5. H1Z1, Dying Light, Dayz, & Dead Island 2 all disagree with you.

PockyKing1305d ago

That's four zombie games compared to the like 30 space themed games coming lol. I don't really wanna list them for you, but off the top of my head..

Into the Stars
No Man's Sky
Star Citizen
Sid Meir's
Deep Space Settlement
Rebel Galaxy
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

..just to name a few :D

SeanScythe1305d ago

And I'm sure there are plenty more Zombie games that I don't know off the top of my head.

lipton1011304d ago

I miss that game Shattered Horizon on PC. Ahead of its time. Space shooter that takes place in low earth orbit spacewalks

XBLSkull1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Sorry but there has always been a ton of space games, it's not like this is the birth of the sci-fi genre. Your article is quite pointless. Tons of them are also terrible, and likely a lot of these new ones will be too. I can't believe I helped fund Star Citizen, that games a POS. Every future review for Star Citizen: "Over-hyped and under-delivered" or "It's Destiny all over again!"

Ajaxjay1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

H1Z1 is pay2win currently and DayZ is still broken all to hell. The first Dead Island wasn't anything special. Quality zombie games are on a decline, so this trend may not last much longer.

lipton1011304d ago

I've never dug zombie games. Even when I see a zombie movie I roll my eyes. I never got into the walking dead either. State of Decay was very cool though

Shinuz1304d ago

What quality zombie games?

Retroman1304d ago

Please!!!!!!! give a logical reason why we need more bombarded zombie games and deluted open world military copycat call of duty type games??
7 years was EXTREMELY enough of military , open world fantasy jumping ,crawling , digging , shooting type games give it a rest for pete sake.
speaking for ALL old school gamers .

Jonny5isalive1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I think you mean space zombies, another popular form of zombies. Even advanced alien enemies usually have some sort of bottom feeder zombies for you to kill, like husks in mass effect. Other examples of space zombies are the headcrab zombies from halflife, the FLOOD, and the whatever they were called in deadspace zombies.

Psychotica1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

There are a bunch of new Zombie games coming, why would that make anyone think it was drawing to a close?

iNFAMOUZ11304d ago

cue the annoying zombie game haters, go play barbies horse adventures, stop hating on zombies haters.

Clown_Syndr0me1304d ago

I really dislike space games. So boring.

Snookies121304d ago

If done right they can be amazing, but the problem is it's not often done right.

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The story is too old to be commented.