Questions That We Want Answered in 2015

Larry Scotti writes "2014 was a varied year for gaming. We saw a revival of Nintendo, the birth of a new Blizzard franchise, and the some of the capabilities of current-gen hardware. With the good comes the bad, however, as many of 2014’s biggest games launched with broken functionalities that went beyond online interfaces. What does this all mean for 2015? Here are a few questions looming as gaming enters the half way mark of the 2010’s."

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BC_Master_Haze1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

"Will Nintendo stay on top?".... Uh, what? I love Nintendo but they are NOT winning on various fronts, majorly the multiplat front. Give it a few years, they'll release a new Super Console.

This is the year to stick it to developers, stop pre-ordering and the broken practices of DLC.