PSP Phone Specifications

Ubergizmo writes: "The PSP phone idea has been thrown around for quite a while now, but according to this piece of scanned white paper you see on the right, it shows just what a device would carry. Click on it for the larger image, unless you've got vision as good as Superman to read everything in fine print. Among the specifications listed include :"

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SpecialSauce3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

i have enough trouble trys to carry a regular psp in a pair of basketball shorts. not sure i would want this phone tho... seems a bit too nerdy. plus not a fan of Sony's phones.

Shaka2K63729d ago

Sony product = quality.

SpecialSauce3729d ago

but there designs just keep me at a safe distance.

gunnerheadboy3728d ago

I think it looks pretty nice.


w 810i going on 3 years pay 499 for it but was worth it . the sound is still superior to any phones , 500 songs on 2 gb plus alot of cool features that still better than todays phone . psp phone ???? thats why you bought a psp right ?

solidt123726d ago

I have the Samsung Instinct and it is a great phone compared to the iphone.

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Zip3729d ago

This could easily be a torn in the eye for iphone, not directly, but it would still hurt


SO buy that baby. I'm in need of a phone SO badly and to have my dear PSP crammed up in there in a nice slick package is gonna get meh teh ladiez, jk lol.

I'd totally buy it, Sony. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

KeiZka3729d ago

Umm... Those phone specs are rather mainstream tbh. Only thing that differentiates it from mainstream phones is the big screen, and that's about it.

Let's not forget the burn Sony got with Sony Ericsson and Walkman brand...

I think I'll stick with my Nokia anyday over that. And keep playing NDS.

MrSwede3728d ago

What "burn" are you talking about? The Walkman branded phones were a huge success.

KeiZka3707d ago

A "huge" success? Hardly. If it was a huge success, Nokia wouldn't have a 40% market share..

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The story is too old to be commented.