Resident Evil HD Remaster Review | GameCloud Australia

William Kirk at GameCloud Australia writes: "Despite being a product of the ’90s, Resident Evil is just as much a paragon for survival horror as it’s ever been. It is confident in what it wants to be, which is arguably the quality that the franchise lacks today. Personally, I have a lot of respect for Shinji Mikami, and it’s remarkable just how undeterred this game is by archaic mechanics. There is a magic in the way it engages the player, which also makes it very easy to look past some weaker moments and monotonous design. I can’t say the “remastering” is outstanding, but it’s certainly the best version to date. Fortunately for Capcom, they did such an incredible job with the “REmake” that they didn’t have to do much to make the game feel relevant again. If you’re like me and hadn’t played it before, or just want to go back, there has never been a better opportunity."

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I would like to see megaman x complete collection come to ps4 that would make me one happy camper