Lost in Limbo: What happened with these hyped games?

Announced, applauded, and then accompanied into the ether by silence. When was the last we heard from the new Mirror's Edge and the new Gears of War? What's going on with the Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem crossover? How's Cliff Bleszinski's new game Bluestreak going?

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SaveFerris1300d ago

They are all being developed in secret somewhere in the Nevada desert.

Killzoner991300d ago

The Last Guardian is NOT "Lost in Limbo". Sony just commented very recently that it was STILL in development. Gamers today need to learn some patience . Besides the PS4 has plenty of other exclusives to keep us busy in 2015.

TWB1299d ago

Its probably the only game that could be considered to be "lost in limbo" but even then, Sony has been pretty adamant to still release the game.

Agent_00_Revan1300d ago

Why is the next Mirrors Edge and Silent Hills on this list? They weren't even announced a year ago?

RoKStevonidas1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Mirror's Edge was announced in June 2013 at E3, nearly two years ago:

Since then we've gotten a short documentary (at E3 2014) and no other news about the game.

I expect some sort of news regarding the release date at this year's E3 if the pattern holds true.

OrangePowerz1300d ago

Really? Putting games on a list that have been revealed 12-24 months ago? Silent Hills was announced half a year ago. Someone needs to learn what patience is.

1300d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.