Does DriveClub deserve a second chance?

After months of patches and updates, does DriveClub finally deserve a second chance from PS4 owners?

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Foehammer1212d ago

They already got their second chance.

The game was suppose to be a launch title in November 2013.

It didn't launch till a year later.

nX1211d ago

hate hate hate
Play the game before you dare to complain about it.

bouzebbal1211d ago

second chance? what was wrong the first one?
this game is so good. haven't been hooked to a racing game for ages.
looks amazing and plays well too.
i bought it 2 weeks ago and i have been playing it everyday since. every racing fan and PS4 owner should try this game, you won't be disappointed.

GarrusVakarian1211d ago

@ abzdiine

I've been playing it every day since I bought it too. I'm halfway through the Elements DLC tour and then I have every star for every tour.

Loved every second of it.

Yi-Long1211d ago

I'll most certainly give it a chance, once there's a complete release. The game seems like a lot of fun, especially after all the improvements, but I'm still sceptical about what they'll be doing with the DLC, during and after their Season Pass.

Would have already bought the game if it weren't for that insecurity.

andibandit1211d ago

But in truth woudlnt this be more like giving it a 4th chance?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1211d ago

It would be amazing if you suddenly realized that the reason some of you Xbox fanboys comment on ps4 games, is that the Xbox One won't have any first party exclusives to talk about until the fall. I pity you in the worst way.

amiga-man1211d ago

Absolutely, it is the first true next gen game available, amazing graphics with fun and solid gameplay,

the challenges I'm recieving from other players on a daily basis is enough to keep me going, thats before I even mention the Multiplayer and tour modes, great game and great fun.

Toiletsteak1211d ago

And? we still have plenty of third party games.

Stogz1211d ago

@Toiletsteak That's pretty funny, seems like thats the EXACT thing Sony fans were saying when you X1 fans were saying PS4 has no games, funny how that switches around huh?

No_Limit1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

"Xbox One won't have any first party exclusives to talk about until the fall. I pity you in the worst way." Xb1 owners can only enjoy games made published by MS? What about Evolve, Battlefield Hardline, mortal kombat X, and Witcher 3? Those are coming to XB1 in the first half of 2015, is it not?

LOL, contrary to popular beliefs, there are XB1 console exclusive games coming in early 2015. You just need to take off those blind goggles. Ori and the Blind Forest, State of Decay HD, Screamride are all MS exclusives scheduled to be release in the Spring as well.

Also, do you guys know that those 3 games release dates were just announced last week and they are all coming out in March/April. Fable Legends and Quantum Break could also be announced soon with maybe a May/ Summer release. The difference between MS and Sony is that MS tend to announce release dates close to actual release. There are plenty of games to play for gamers like foehammer. I don't think he feel pity at all. LOL

DarkZane1211d ago

Even in 2014, PS4 got more games than Xbox One.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

"The Xbox One won't have any first party exclusives to talk about until the fall."

For those xbox fans who responded by mentioning 3rd party games and 3 extremely "niche" games, your situation isn't going to improve by constantly trolling games that you've never had any intention on playing. What you should be doing is asking Phil Spencer what the hell he's going to do about that situation. First party developers are the people who are supposed to showcase the strengths of the console. These are the people who give the PR executives topics and ideas used to market the machine. Games like Infamous Second Son, The Last Of Us Remastered, DriveClub and soon, The Order 1886, all showcase the Power of GPU Compute, and overall the PS4's hardware itself. Games with AMAZING LIGHTING/PARTICLE EFFECTS and STABLE FRAMERATES are some of the reasons why the PS4 has sold 9 million more consoles than your beloved Xbox One. You see every time someone asks you about the one game that showcases the power of the Xbox One, all any of you can say is RYSE. Unfortunately, everyone knows that RYSE was a beautifully rendered, unstable mess and that's part of the reason many of you Xbox Fans keep downing PS4's exclusives because all you have to talk about right now is RYSE, a very big maybe in the form of a cloud, and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that you will never find in the form of DX12 and fake SDK memos. If I didn't pity you I'd be laughing.


" contrary to popular beliefs, there are XB1 console exclusive games coming in early 2015. You just need to take off those blind goggles. Ori and the Blind Forest, State of Decay HD, Screamride are all MS exclusives scheduled to be release in the Spring as well."

Moving the goal posts as usual. So you readily admit what the Xbox One has in the way of 1st party exclusives and AAA exclusives up until fall is a GIGANTIC NOTHING. I rest my case.

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lelo2play1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Just ordered the game. Got a good deal. Hope to enjoy it for a few weeks when it arrives.

thepluggy1211d ago

have you actually played it?

GarrusVakarian1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It's funny how the people so quick to damn Evo/Driveclub are the people who probably don't even have the game, or a PS4 for that matter. You don't care about Driveclub, nor do you really care that it's launch was so disappointing, you're here purely to keep fanning the flames of hate. Well, at this point it's more 'blowing on embers' than fanning the flames, as the game has had a fantastic turnaround since launch. Free DLC, regular updates, fantastic dev-gamer communication. DC has gone from the laughing stock of the genre, to one of the best racers on the market, which just gets better and better with every update.

And anyone who's been keeping up with the game or the devs know how hard those guys have worked to make it up to their fans. Rushy (game director at Evo) is an active member of the official Driveclub thread over at NeoGAF, he reads through that thread daily, gathering opinions and feedback from the DC community so he can pass that onto the dev team to make DC better. You simply do not get that kind of dedication from the vast majority of devs.

To answer the authors question - absolutely. DC, as it stands right now, is a fantastic racer. The best £20 I ever spent. If you're even semi-interested in racers, I'd recommend buying it and not waiting for the PS Plus version.

Or you could just stay on N4G and and damn Evo to hell while everyone else has a blast playing the game. It's up to you. ;)

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Hoffmann1211d ago

Heard the game is really fun now.

Am buying a Playstation 4 next month, is DriveClub worth to buy as well?

I like Arcade Racers.

u-bEttA-rUn1211d ago

Yes its very fun worth the purchase...
The difficulty later in the game turns some people though...

Hoffmann1211d ago

Oh..the more difficult the better..I like racing games to be challenging. Found the Motorstorm games pretty difficult..especially when I played them for the first time and i needed a while to be good in them but I rather lose a while than to get pole positions easily

sprinterboy1211d ago

Purchase it, massive gt fan but dc is phenomenonal

Me-Time1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I keep hearing that (being a GT-mainly gamer). And I would have bought it some time this past month, but still waiting for it to be cheaper and not used. I should add that I've only bought GTA V and some PSN games (mainly from the 20th Ann. Sale) since first getting a PS4 in November.

I would have gotten Killzone and Infamous by now, but still waiting for the prices to drop hahaha. I'm just putting them off for now really. Will be getting Knack though - based on Cerny saying he would like to make a sequel. I don't know. It's those minor statements and declarations that definitely make something more appealing, I do declare.

Monolith1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

knack is awesome. Get it. Great game if you miss the old platformers such as crash bandicoot. As for driveclub like people have said gets better and better with each update. The speed is exhilarating

Angeljuice1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


DriveClub is the new King of arcade racers. You won't regret buying it.

GarrusVakarian1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It's a heart-thumping, palm-sweating, push-you to-your-limits-and-further kinda way. Which is my kind of fun. ;)

If you do decide to buy it, which I strongly suggest you do, the first thing I advise you to do is start a time-trial race on your own, set the location to Norway > select the first track > set the time of day to around 4-5AM > set the weather to stormy > set the precipitation to heavy > set the speed of time to 65 > turn off the entire HUD and prepare to get blown the **** away.

Oh, and make sure you use something fast if you really want a challenge.

Hoffmann1211d ago

Exactly how a good racing game needs to be!

Thanks for all replies @ everyone

BABY-JEDI1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It's an excellent racer with a great sense of speed. The vehicle's handling is really solid to , within the gaming mechanics.
; D

IRetrouk1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Get it.... if you liked pgr then you will deff like driveclub, same kind of setup, only turned up to 11.

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No_Limit1211d ago

Yes it does.....when Sony deciding to finally release the PSN+ edition. Otherwise, it is vaporware for for me.

nX1211d ago

Have fun being restricted only to India while the best tracks are in Norway, Canada and Japan. Seriously, how can people still be so obsessed with the PS+ version? The game is worth every cent and then some. If you ask me, it's the best game the PS4 got so far.

Speak_da_Truth1211d ago

@No_limit of course! you were the same guy defending FM5 for having less content than previous Forzas and saying "atleast it has more content than Driveclub." You have no interest in the game just stop.

No_Limit1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I didn't even mention Forza in this post and no one even bought up that game in this entire article...until you. Why are you going off-topic and try to make me into the bad guy?

But since you mentioned it, I'll happily reply to your question and concern :). Forza 5 does have more content than DC. It has over 200 cars at launch, built entirely from the grounds up and you can auto vista every car in the game that you can't do from Forza 4 on a last gen engine (your constant point about Forza being a sequel and have less cars and tracks than Forza 4 doesn't matter as both cars and tracks are not recycled assets and are built from the grounds up like other racers on this new gen DC).

Not to mention Forza 5 is a launch title while DC had a year of extra developmet time and still only has only 1/4 of Forza 5's car count, online issue at launch, unfinished things like replay, weather that should be there at launch..oh, not to mentioned of the promised PSN+ version at launch but later retracted to delay Indefinite and still we can't even hear a fart about a timetable for a release. You darn right me and many r PS4 owners that subscribed to PSN+ have every right to complain. Apologists..however..

Oschino19071211d ago

What's "PSN+", I see you mention it all the time, is it some kind of game service?

Bathyj1211d ago

Still gnawing that bone huh?

The point of the plus version was to let people know if the game was good or not. By now you should know if the game suits you. There's been enough gamer feedback, enough videos, enough people shareplaying.

Stop acting like you're so betrayed. If the plus version had launched you'd still be whining about no replays, or that the weather wasn't there at launch, or there are no purple cars. Get over it already. You're only feigning interest to voice you're alleged disappointment, only you never had any hope for it in the first place.

On topic, it's a fantastic game, got it two weeks ago, loving it. Anyone whose actually played it would know that. People that haven't played it, and are still complaining about what it hasn't got instead if what it does are just spewing noise.

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Me-Time1211d ago

Uhhh, YES. I don't care for the PS+ demo anymore. So if anything, Give PS+ subscribers a decent discount or lower the MSRP even more than it is now. The PS+ demo is two months toooo late.

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