HYPERION to Bring Metroid Style Gaming to the Commodore 64

Carl Williams writes, "There is no doubt that Metroid has been a success story for Nintendo over the years. There are only a couple of Nintendo platforms that have not received a Metroid game, one of those platforms was a certified commercial failure and the other struggled against the competition- coincidence? I don’t think so, Metroid is a popular franchise and with any decent amount of popularity will come imitators. HYPERION is one such title that shares a lot in common with Metroid. This game is also coming out on the Commodore 64, to be released by Psytronik and RGCD later this year."

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MultiConsoleGamer1300d ago

That looks fantastic! Almost hard to believe its running on C64

triverse1300d ago

I am working on getting more information on HYPERION, such as actual gameplay. That is where it is going to boil down to as far as if this is a quality game or not.

JohnathanACE1300d ago

It's pretty amazing what people can do with old consoles. Really cool that people are still making games for them.

triverse1300d ago

If it weren't for people like the developers of HYPERION I would have A LOT less cool stuff to write about every day. I feel people are fed up with reading yet another review of Super Mario Bros 3, that is why I cover the unique stuff like HYPERION.