Stranded Deep is Essentially a “Cast Away” Simulator, And That’s Awesome

OnlySP: Today, we take a look at Beam Team Game’s, Stranded Deep.

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SeanScythe1274d ago

I bought the game and it's really hard. There are no instructions and the game is randomly generated with a bunch of different islands in the distance that you can travel to. I played for about an hour and had to get off due to dying again after getting sick. BTW you can cook crabs over a fire, it will "DING" when it's done and cooked.

PockyKing1274d ago

We did a livestream of the game and learned a lot more about the game. It'd be very ideal for the developers to add a map to the game so you can mark your "home island" haha.

SeanScythe1274d ago

Yeah I agree but I love the concept and the feel of the game. I tried to build s shelter but had no clue on what was needed.

3-4-51273d ago

This game looks fun...I'm definitely going to buy it at some point....actually looking to play more of these types.

Anything else similar ?

PockyKing1273d ago

The Forest is probably the game that's the closest to this one, but it involves cannibals.

ThatKanadianKid1274d ago

Game looks pretty good. I'll probably wait to try it for a while until more updates are added to see how it shapes up.

WeAreLegion1274d ago

It's not easy, but I like it. It would be cool if eventually we saw another survivor somewhere.

Nes_Daze1274d ago

Looks like such an interesting game, I wish I could play it. :(

Nwah1273d ago

Why don't you buy it?

Nes_Daze1272d ago

My PC sucks, I need to upgrade it and it'll cost me quite a lot to do that..

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