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Is The Lack Of Multiplay In The Order:1886 A Dealbreaker

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an audio opinion piece asking if the lack of multiplayer in the pending The Order:1886 is a deal breaker for those undecided about purchasing the game at launch.

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Community1420d ago
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DarkOcelet1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Do we really need another article on this? Not every game needs multiplayer. Why cant people just accept that? Sigh.

Ask yourself was not including Multiplayer in games like
Bioshock\Bioshock infinite
Dead Space
The Evil Within
Batman Arkham Asylum
Assassins Creed 2
Mass effect 1 and 2

Infact many of those games went downhill when multiplayer was added to them and other games had lackluster ones.
Batman Arkham Origins
Bioshock 2
Mass Effect 3
Dead Space 3
Assassins Creed after 2
Tomb Raider mp was seriously the worst tacked on multiplayer i have played.

Now imagine if those resources would have went on making the single player experience better. Everything would have been different.

Garethvk1421d ago

I think so as it continues to be a big question in the game and considering the person who did the article has actually played it on multiple instances, I think they would be best qualified to say that based on the way the solo play works, if the game is lacking or not.

DarkOcelet1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

No, I think the developers are best qualified to say what best for their game. And Ready at Dawn made some of the best PSP titles like God of war Chains of Olympus\Ghost Of Sparta and Daxter and they are also getting help from Sony Santa Monica so i am pretty sure this game will deliver.

We should base our judgement after we play the game and see if it lacking or not.

And why is it this gen linear single player experience are getting criticized so much? 2013 best games were The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite and both were critically acclaimed for their beautiful stories so why didnt no one say Bioshock needed multiplayer? Why pour so much pressure on the PS4 exclusive? I know its because its exclusive but that is nonsense. I really hope RAD shut all those haters up.

isa_scout1420d ago

Funny that you made this article and submitted it, but now you're acting like you're not that "someone" you're talking about. BTW having played a demo at some event doesn't give you the slightest idea as to how the full game will turn out. We still know virtually nothing about the story or how the gameplay changes when fighting half-breeds. Let's just wait and see how it is when the game releases then we'll all be able to offer our opinions.

Assassingamer1361420d ago

You made the article lol so you know best? I played the game too and I guess this article is full of shit

rainslacker1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

How about this. If people want a MP game, then this game not having MP is probably a deal breaker. For the millions of people that buy TLOU, UC, GOW, etc upon their releases regardless of MP, I think it won't be a deal breaker at all.

If people want MP with minimal story there's COD, TitanFall, Destiny, or hundreds of other options of repetative game play with little to no creative ideas for them to choose from. If they want a solid story driven game, good game play, and a stunning presentation to get away from it all for 12-15 hours, then they have this, or lots of other choices which have no MP and still do perfectly fine.

Here's some good advice to you when you think on this question again. Keep in mind that last gen, less than half the install base on Xbox was paying for XBLG. Using that, we can infer that less than half the people that play games on console care about MP, and it's highly likely that people that like MP also still like SP games.

On the PS4, go look at the MP trophies for any games with MP/SP games. You will notice that MP trophies typically come in less than 10% of people who have played the game, but the SP is usually 100%...although not always all the way through the SP campaign. Given those percentages, I've come to the conclusion that maybe it's the MP that hurts games, and not not having it. Publishers push it because they can push that extra stuff on people to get that less than 10% to pay more.

Jaqen_Hghar1420d ago

It continues to be a big question to a select group of people who have no other purpose than to trash the game and say the same complaints about it time and again. The FUD is strong with this one and these Xbox fanboys need to judge for themselves if they ever actually bother playing it.

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JMaine5181421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Exactly. Not every game needs it.

Magicite1420d ago

I own consoles only for quality single player experiences, PC is where my multiplayer is.
And quality TPS with great story/characters is what I desire the most now.

Foehammer1420d ago


That's why high scoring games like Halo 1 through 4, all together in TMCC, don't need multiplayer to be an outstanding value.

It's just a bonus that it's also some of the best multiplayer to accompany some of the best fps.

OrangePowerz1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

For Wolfenstein I would have liked a MP if it woukd have been basically an HD upgraded version of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP :)

There is an idea, someone make a HD version of Return for Castle Wolfenstein :)

As for The Order. The important part is that the story is well done and not that it has some tacked on MP. I don't like Coop in story campaigns for the most part, because either A) people keep talking on the mic or B) people always want me to skip cutscenes. I play story modes in my pace not the pace someone else wants me to play.

Kingdomcome2471420d ago

I've stated my stance on this. Why does everyone feel as though games with multiplayer inherently have more value? Since the rise of console multiplayer we've seen so many games wherein the single player mode (which is what gaming was built upon) relegated to what can almost be considered an add-on. Having both isn't always an added value. When did the roles reverse? The day that there's no longer a place for a well-crafted single player only game is the day that I no longer have a place in gaming.

rainslacker1420d ago

The roles reversed because MP is an ongoing thing, and people who play it are more likely to purchase additional content. This makes MP an ongoing revenue stream, whereas story content just doesn't do as well except for the really big games.

This is also why MP content generally comes out very soon after release when people are really into it, and likely to want fresh content.

KwietStorm1420d ago

Well that sums it up. Nothing to see here. Move along everyone.

showtimefolks1420d ago

Let it go please not every game needs MP. We should be praising publishers who are willing to publish single player only games in this day and age. Where Tacked on MP is normal thing just to put it on back of the box as one of the features

Majority of the times me personally I don't even touch the MP.

Lilrizky1420d ago

I agree with all except for ME3. that was actually good.

replace Mass effect with god of war ascension lol

and DS3 co-op was better than DS2 competitive,

but yes u made your point

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Garethvk1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Ok, I will clarify this one does based on the times I have played it as gameplay gets old and repetitive fast. I am still hoping it turns out well as I have been looking forward to this one.

If you have 12+ hours of gameplay, I agree they do not all need it. but if you have 6-8 hours of gameplay and your charging $59.99 then I think it should be included and The Order lends itself well to a co-op experience.

jukins1420d ago

So having multiplayer somehow changes the gameplay enough to keep it from becoming repetitive?

Garethvk1420d ago

It gives you more value but if you think 60.00 is fine for 6-8 hours of gameplay thats ok.

jukins1416d ago

Seems fine to me. I mean millions of people on a weekly basis, you included, would easily spend that on one trip to the movies. Hell at least if I spent $60 on the game I could play it as much as I want and even resell it. Soo. I mean I like multiplayer as much as the next but honestly most multiplayer is a bunch of random selfish trolling showoffs

ltachiUchiha1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

See thats the problem with games nowadays. The lack of making a good campaign because they focus too much on multiplayer is ruining the single player experience. U need to understand that...

1. Nobody is forced to buy the game if they dont think it is worth the money.
2. U can always wait until its cheaper before buying it or buy it used for cheaper.
3. U can buy the game at launch & if you didnt like it, u can always trade it in and get credit to grab another game. This is why i dont buy digital copies because u cant trade back games.

Its as simple as that.

InTheLab1420d ago

I think a lot of people will be disappointed in this game.

PSA.... save your money people and by Bloodborne instead.

rainslacker1420d ago

I'm getting both myself. They're both games I'd like to play, no need to really pick and choose if you have the money.

BC_Master_Haze1420d ago

How about you let those sold on the game buy what they want. I'm waiting until both are released to look at reviews and gameplay from the final product, and personally this game interests me more from what I've seen.

PSA... There's this thing called capitalism, it let's these people called consumers buy what they want. I know, you're not the center of the universe, we're all extremely shocked /s

I can save my money for whatever I damn well please.

MONOLITHICIDE1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Hahaha you think were capitalist.
Try socialist
Anyways. Definently picking up the order and bloodbourne when released.

showtimefolks1420d ago


I think it will be closer to 12 to 15 hours tHan 6 to 8

wenaldy1420d ago

He pulled 6 to 8 hours of gameplay out of his arse.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

@"Is The Lack Of Multiplay In The Order:1886 A Dealbreaker?"


Not at all.

I bought TLOU Remastered and i've replayed it at least 20 times. Guess what...

I've never played the multiplayer mode.

The7Reaper1420d ago

You should give the last of us mp a try it's not run and gun CoD mp it takes patience and teamwork actually pretty good and not tacked on but yeah not every game need multiplayer plenty of game are amazing without it

Sokol1420d ago

The difference is that The Last Of Us multi-player is actually superb and takes nothing away from the excellent single player.

That's the mark of the fantastic developer and only a few can earn the hard money I earn. Naughty Dog is one of those teams.

WilDRangeRfc1420d ago

Your missing out,my fav MP along with Gears,never played the game on PS3 as I never bought one,if I could time travel I would go back slap myself round the face and buy it on a PS3,I would of saved the campaign for PS4 (lucky I played it for first time on PS4)and I wouldnt have missed the best online MP for that time period.Seriously give it a go its addictive,fun,tense,rewarding and teamwork is key,the MP is beyond awesome

OrangePowerz1420d ago

The MP in TLoU is actually very well done.

Ultr1420d ago

Tlou MP is awesome. Never felt such tension while playing a multiplayer game ever.

Garethvk1420d ago

Rifhr but its there should you wish it.

rainslacker1420d ago

Same here. Never tried the MP, but could play the SP over and over again. I'm just not a big MP fan. It's fine for fighting games, or racing games, but competative MP just doesn't excite.

Don't mean to knock TLOU MP, I hear it's fantastic.

I pushed through the ME3 MP, which was actually kind of fun for a while, just because it was the last trophy I needed to get the plat, but don't care to spend countless hours in MP to get a plat, and TLOU does have like 4 MP trophies which are time consuming.:(

Generally, MP isn't something I look forward to in games, and by looking at trophy percentages on the PS4, it seems that most people feel the same way. The only ones that have any significant percentage for a SP/MP game are the ones that are like, "Play 1 MP map", or something equally easy. Those "Play 100 MP map" type ones come in closer to 10%, and to me that's a pretty low percentage of the player base.

Games like this are built for the SP gamer. The MP is a bonus, and for people that like it, more power to them.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1420d ago

@ "Same here. Never tried the MP, but could play the SP over and over again. I'm just not a big MP fan. It's fine for fighting games, or racing games, but competative MP just doesn't excite."

I completely agree. Now for a game like Street Fighter, multiplayer is an absolute must. I'm trying to get back into combo fighting form to get ready for SFV. I haven't played in years, but my invincible RYU, KEN, and Guile/Charlie are all going to make an epic comeback.

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THC CELL1420d ago

Uncharted did not have it and was Amazing

Sokol1420d ago

Correct, to this day it remains my favorite Uncharted when it comes to the story perspective, especially with the characters.

Fro_xoxo1420d ago

No it isn't..
you get what you pay for..