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It's been a long 19 years since Resident Evil was first released. There have many games since (24 to be precise) and 5 live action movies. All ranging from good to terrible. Lots of people still maintain that the original game was the best.

Back in it's day Resident Evil was revolutionary, the intense horror/puzzle game was visually stunning and equally terrifying. When I first played this game on Playstation all those years ago the static camera angles really increased the intense atmosphere that the game so cleverly created. Those corners you couldn't see around, the reflections in the mirrors, and those pesky ravens that would taunt you from up high!

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DarkOcelet1275d ago

What kind of $#itty review was that? And why is it so short? I cant believe i wasted a minute of my life reading that useless nonsense. There is no details on anything except for the door animations, i cant believe he called them boring. This is the worst review i have read in my life.

Lord_Sloth1274d ago

I'll not defend the review but the door sequence was less than enthralling. XXXP j/k

richierich1275d ago

Its called clickbait I believe

tigertron1274d ago

Two people think 6/10 for one of the greatest survival horror games ever made is not clickbait.

Either that or they're trolling.

xPennyx1275d ago

Yea i told the author it was quite short for a review, Thank you for the criticism.

xPennyx1274d ago

Its been redone now by the author, thanks guys

Clown_Syndr0me1274d ago

As a first time player I hated this at first.
But I'm playing on PS4 and a friend of mine asked me to share play with him.
We spent 4 hours last night taking turns and figuring out the puzzles together and it was awesome. Definitely better with a friend!

MasterCornholio1274d ago

Who needs a walkthrough when you have friends to shareplay with?

That's actually pretty awesome. I'm glad that you are finally enjoying shareplay.

Clown_Syndr0me1274d ago

It's the first time I've used it apart from just testing it out. unfortunately all my friends have crappy Internet and can't share their games but they can connect to mine fine.
It really is a great feature now I've found a good use for it. Still annoys me how games like MineCraft block it, it would be ideal for that.

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