Blackguards 2 Review – Satisfying Conquest I The Koalition

Asad Quadri of The Koalition writes:
The Dark Eye is a universe that’s ripe with potential for great video games. Much like its rival Dungeons & Dragons, the lore contains an epic fantasy world full of adventure and excitement. As a role-playing game, the rules of TDE dictate how combat is played out, including rules for melee combat and magic, bringing tactics and strategy to play. Over time there have been video games based off The Dark Eye which explore the lore of the universe and where combat utilizes the rules et of TDE. One of these games was Blackguards, from developer Daedelic Entertainment. Blackguards was a dark, gritty turn-based strategy RPG where you would lead a team of social misfits into battle within a hostile and dangerous world. The game was met with mixed reception but thankfully, Daedelic listened well to the criticisms and have now come out with a sequel to the RPG: Blackguards 2.

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rbailey1301d ago

I have heard quite alot of interesting things about this game and will definitely try it out soon. I will say that I'm not a fan of the high difficulty spikes mention especially if it's unbalanced throughout. Still, I'll check it out and give my thoughts on it afterward.

Romudeth1301d ago

I never even heard of this game and it has a sequel? lol I'd check this out but I don't have a gaming PC. This is probably why I've never heard of this game...