Indigo Prophecy Remaster Coming Late January

It appears as though Indigo Prophecy will get an HD remaster, as an Amazon listing has leaked the details of an unannounced game once again. It is expected to be released on Steam on January 29th.

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Tapani1298d ago

Ohh I might buy this. I heard it was good. I still have Beyond: Two Souls to play. Heavy Rain was flawed, but I could look past them to enjoy the great ride!

Yetter1298d ago

um, its not nearly as good as heavy rain. Its more that it was novel and unique when it was first released, but there are some QTE sections in this game that just seem to drag on and on forever. And it has several other shortcomings. Still interesting though, grab it if the price it right

Tapani1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Thanks for the input!

How's the story compared to Heavy Rain? I found Heavy Rain to be quite powerful in the end.

Also, have you tried Beyond: Two Souls? How does that compare to Heavy Rain?


Monolith1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Beyond two souls is a fantastic game. Needs to be completed to really understand whats happening. I recommend it if you can find it cheaper. Compared to heavy rain The acting is top notch, which I found in heavy rain to be lackluster on some fronts. Makes for a more believable story in beyond

Tapani1298d ago


Thanks for the tip! I've been eager to play it. The rumor is, that it's coming to PS4. I gave my PS3 away, too... :P

amiga-man1298d ago

Indigo Prophecy was great in it's day, it was something unique and was full of intrigue, the ending went off the rails as it went a very different route to where it started, but all in all an enjoyable game,

Might buy this myself.

animegamingnerd1298d ago

@Tapani the opening of Indigo Prohency is fantastic but the second half is one of the dumbest stories in any game i won't spoil it but lets say it starts as a murder mystery then turns basically turns into the Matrix.

Conzul1298d ago

Heavy Rain had the better story.
Beyond: Two Souls had the better acting.

I still think HR was the apex of Cage's work. Hope he can get his mojo back.

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KwietStorm1298d ago

Well if you think Heavy Rain is flawed.. lol Nah I loved Indigo Prophecy. It was very unique, and the story is nuts. It starts to lose its way towards the end, and the controls can sometimes get in the way, but good game overall.

lipton1011298d ago

It has the worst ending in video game history. 75% was amazing though

Venox20081297d ago

I think there is six endings in Indigo prophecy

hkgamer1298d ago

i never got to the end of the game, but it was quite fun on the parts that i actually played. heard that the story jsut gets really bad after the part i stopped on though.

i enjoyed heavy rain. though i disliked the decieving twist ending.

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jay21298d ago

Oh great Europe gets the cut content |FINALLY!

WESKER20151298d ago

Stoked, love Quantic Dream games.

freshslicepizza1298d ago

not coming to the ps4? strange since it came out on the ps2.

OB1Biker1298d ago

I hope its coming to PS4.
I dont think anyone knows yet

SPAM-FRITTER-1231298d ago

It also came out on the Xbox but no console getting the HD release.

DigitalRaptor1297d ago

It will be coming to PS4.

If it's being remastered for PC, it's coming to the next-gen consoles too. I feel like Fahrenheit HD will be coming to all platforms, but since we already know about Beyond: Two Souls remaster for PS4, I think PS4 will get a trilogy collection.

Heavy Rain would make me ecstatic, as that is Quantum Dream's best work.

stiggs1298d ago

I really like the idea behind Quantic Dream games. It's the execution that I find lacking. One of the primary reasons for my purchase of the PS3 was Heavy Rain. I did enjoy it to some extant but I feel that Indigo Prophecy is actually a better game.

I'm looking forward to checking out the HD version. It may be worthy of a revisit.

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