Why you should buy a PlayStation Vita 2000 over the PlayStation TV

A few reasons why perspective Vita buyers should purchase a PlayStation Vita 2000 over the PlayStation TV.

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Killzoner991301d ago

They're both amazing buys but if I had to chose I would go straight Vita 2000. It's the best portable gaming system ever made and it has really been picking up steam in sales lately. Plus there are many great exclusives in the works.

SoapShoes1301d ago

Yeah I have and love both but Vita would be my choice if I could only have one.

DrKarateChop1301d ago

I wouldn't call the PlayStation TV an "amazing" buy. I've got one but I only use it to capture footage. Outside of twitch/youtube purposes, I cant really pin down who needs one.

The interface is super lame without a touch screen, and most of the games don't work.

I will give them credit that nearly all of the Vita physical releases are Playstation TV compatible.

Personally, I recommend the original Vita. That OLED screen is so good.

uth111301d ago

Ps4 remote play on second TV. That's who needs one.

It helps when you have a family and there is competition for the main tv

rainslacker1300d ago

I dunno, you can get one for $80 now if you have a spare PS3 controller. Has a lot of nice games. It's nice if you want to play those games.

Vita I think is better overall, but it is more expensive, and some people don't like portable screens. They also don't use the OLED anymore.:(

I think which to buy just depends on what you want from it. The PSTV won't break the bank though for the budget gamer, and plenty of great games which can be found under $20...and a huge number of games if you've been stocking them on PS+ since they started having them on there.

Captain_Wormy1301d ago

Can you play Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops/Peace Walker on Vita? Because if you can I'll buy one immediately.

Genuine-User1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Yep. You can also play metal gear solid 2 and snake eater.

Captain_Wormy1301d ago

Can you really? Aw man that's awesome. I was planning on buying a ps3 for those games but I'm getting a Vita instead. Thanks.

gokuking1301d ago

Game compatibility really varies per region. It's best to check your local PlayStation Store on the browser through store.sonyentertainmentnetwork .com

You'll find most PS Vita compatible games are listed as being playable on the device.

If you're in North America, there are certain games (including the original Metal Gear Solid) that are only playable on Vita through a transfer from PS3. For that, consult this list: https://www.cheapassgamer.c...

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is directly downloadable to PS Vita globally. Unfortunately, Portable Ops doesn't work on Vita in North America through any means. You can download it directly to Vita in Europe and Asia, though.

Protagonist1301d ago


Indeed one can, check it out ;) -

SpiralTear1301d ago

Buy a Vita, not a PS TV. Some of the best games on the system don't work on PS TV.

Bizzare211301d ago

You shouldn't buy neither. lol

ltachiUchiha1301d ago

You shouldn't of even commented. lol

Xof1301d ago

Nice double negative, bro.

fudgenasty211301d ago

i wanted to buy a vita last christmas, but sony didn't have a single fuckin sale over the holidays. they really don't give a shit anymore

HeavenlySnipes1301d ago

Just get one used

I got myself a Vita with a 16 gb memory stick for $100 off kijiji.

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The story is too old to be commented.