If Microsoft is serious about PC games, Xbox One should be the real Steam Machine

If Microsoft really wants to get into PC gaming full-time, it needs to get around the table with Mr Newell and its platinum chequebook.

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Bigpappy1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Xbox1 is a closed system. Can't have Gabe hosting his service on it. Gabe ran over to PS3 over this whole thing, after previously calling the system a mess.

Steam box is a Gabe thing. He was suppose to build one, but something is holding him back. Maybe new advancements to windows (DX12 and Win10) have made him reconsider his plans.

I don't think M$ wants to move from Xbox to PC full-time at all. They are just helping the gaming side of PC because it helps to keep their OS (money train)clunking along. There is also good money to be made from cross-buys. Fable legions will sell many more copies if PC gamers can play along with Xbox1 gamers. Hopefully they have full chat between X1 and PC too.

qwerty6761305d ago

i agree, consoles are not going away, besides japan.

and i believe what microsoft is trying to do is tie pc-xbox closer together

so for instance a pc gamer wants to make the leap into getting into console? that person will much more likely buy an xb1.

also tieing xbox/pc closer will make a bigger more social community and people always want to "follow the crowds" they say.

22CobraKing1304d ago

*it will have a better community with more screaming/raging kids since that's what pc players tend to do

XboxOneX1304d ago

It would be amazing to be able to play PC games on the Xbox One and connect with steam. Some of the bargains u get on steam pc games is amazing. I hate the fact that the prices of digital games on the Xbox One and PS4 do not drop in price for a very long time but steam prices always seem to go lower not long after release. Like for instance Destiny is still £55 what = $84 dollars and thats with out the DLC on the UK store. When you can buy the game on disk for £30 on amazon.

Zeref1304d ago

They are thinking about letting Xbox Users run PC games as well.

badz1491304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

embrace steam and lose all the money they can grab from XBL Gold? Spencer be like...

joab7771304d ago

This is spot on. The reason I bought a PS4 is b/c MS abandoned us. They should have built us the greatest gaming machine ever this gen. Instead, they are now doing all they can to recoup. They are doing a great job of it, I'll give them that. But they really pissed me off, broke my heart.

Now, eventually one of these machines will be smart and create a semi-open system...with high, medium and min settings. Allow certain upgrades, machines that range from $300-700 dollars, like a PC. Most games must still be able to run on it at min settings, but we get options, and as we go, it will extend the life of the console.

At some point, it will have to become almost perpetual like a PC.

Seafort1304d ago

Steam Box is an idea but Valve never intended to build one themselves. That was up to 3rd party companies to get involved and support the idea.

The so-called OS money train isn't Microsoft's incentive as Windows 10 will be free for the first year for Windows 7 and 8 users.

At this point I have no idea what Microsoft's incentives are for PC gaming but they don't seem to like to be left out of the loop on one of the own products.

It's not money incentive as they don't receive royalties from PC game sales and their Windows 10 is going to be free.

I think it's way too late for them to get back into PC gaming now as no PC gamer respects them or even wants them involved in PC gaming anymore. We have other companies such as Valve doing a better job than they ever did.

I think MS just wants to persuade PC gamers to buy an Xbox One so they can stream Xbox games from their PCs. I don't think that's ever going to happen.

Obz1304d ago

You don't speak for PC gamers. I'm actually very excited to see what Microsoft can do in the PC Market. I welcome more competition against a (frankly) slow, bloated Valve.

badz1491304d ago


"...slow, bloated Valve"

Ok, now you're just mocking Gaben! Pun intended?

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miyamoto1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Valve and Steam are the saviour of PC gaming not M$ nor Games for Windows.

If it were not for Steam and its phenomenal pricing strategy, piracy would have PC gaming "Left 4 Dead" many years ago.

If M$ is serious about PC gaming then they should have the will to stop and have put a games piracy for PC gaming to thrive even more. Obviously they are not serious. They have the resources but they don't have the will nor the brains to do it. All talk no walk. All bark but no bite.

Instead Steam did the good job to keep PC gaming alive.

Perjoss1304d ago

They cannot charge PC gamers for online, this is pretty much what it boils down to, XBOX is much more profitable for them. I think devs/publishers also have to pay MS to launch games and even patches on the XBOX, I don't think this is the case for PC. This is why MS does not care about serious price cuts on the XBOne, for them its all about staying relevant so they can keep charging people for Live etc, plus its MS so they can afford to take the hit.

Personally if MS vanished tomorrow I wouldn't care, they are not very good at creating new and fresh ideas, they are only good at copying others and BUYING up stuff that is already cool.

Pogmathoin1304d ago

Personally if MS vanished tomorrow I wouldn't care, they are not very good at creating new and fresh ideas, they are only good at copying others and BUYING up stuff that is already cool.

Thats the part where silly fanboy burst out of your almost intelligent comment. They have R&D bigger than all of Sony for example.... Where have you been this week?

Zeref1304d ago

"they are not very good at creating new and fresh ideas"

Metro UI? HoloLens? Spartan Browser? Kinect?

badz1491304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )


if you think all that you've mentioned there are "new" and "fresh"....seriously , how old are you? 10?

Perjoss1304d ago


Are you seriously saying that the Metro UI is something MS should be proud of? Yes it was so good that they had to bring back the old Start button for all the people complaining about Metro. It was designed specifically for touch screens but was forced onto mouse using desktop PCs, because MS have such a huge b**** for copying Apple style interfaces.

And Hololens? I can't comment on whether its good or bad, not used it, but I will say that I got very excited for Kinect (and then again for the supposedly improved Kinect 2.0) and that was so good that they had to stop bundling it with XBOne. If Hololens turns out to be a great addition for gaming I will be very happy, but make no mistake it will be a first for MS in the sense of actually making something good.

I'm not even trying to troll, I have no interest in MS being crap, I'm a fanboy of gaming and I want it to always improve, I have every system you can think of ranging all the way from 3DS to a high end PC. It just confuses me when a company like MS with virtually unlimited resources just handles things in a lazy way rather than pushing the medium forward.

Just my opinion.

starchild1304d ago

By that standard, what has Sony or Nintendo brought that is truly unique and never done before?

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Bodge1304d ago

Best thing Microsoft can do in this regard is have no more Xbox exclusives and only Microsoft exclusives. All Xbox One games on Windows 10.

Only people who disagree are fanboy nerds that are mad they won't be able to use their 'exclusives' in their list wars.

Zeref1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

No. Only people who agree with you are those who think everything should be free.

Putting all Xbox Exclusives on the PC makes no sense at all. Nobody would want to buy an Xbox. When they can get the same games on PC. Although it does have Kinect and the TV stuff still going for it. But still..

Eonjay1304d ago

You conclusion is far too simple and worthy of disagrees.

First, how would Microsoft attract people to the Xbox One if all their games are on PC?

Second, Xbox One is a gateway for Xbox Live subscriptions, so having exclusives on the Xbox One is a way to bankroll on online play.

PC gamers aren't going to pay for Live so Microsoft needs a platform with exclusive content.

22CobraKing1304d ago

In conclusion Microsoft won't be that big in Pc since it won't get as much profit and would never put the Xbox games on pc since they will be pirated by the next week or so.

Clunkyd1304d ago

Or youre just mad that all the big budget AAA exclusives aren't on PC.

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No_Limit1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I am glad only a select few games like Fable Legends are cross play and ported to PC.

The last thing we need is more "I'll just get it for the PC" excuse to not buy a XB1 for Halo 5, Quantum Break, and Gears of War from opposing fanboys.

People forget, MS will not only loose revenue on XB1 sales but also Live gold subscription as well so there should be no incentive for them to release their biggest major IPs on anything but on a xbox console. smaller games like Indies and some MS exclusives like State of Decay and Ori to be avaialable on PC but don't expect to see Forza 6 or Scalebound on it. It is nothing personal against PC gamers, but it is just bussiness.

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baodeus1303d ago


1. you know you are required to have a live account if you want to stream game from xbox to PC right? so how do they lose live gold subscription if consumer already have it along with xbox one; they are required no?

2. Now let say if you can get the same contents on either PC or xbox one, without the need for the other platform, which do you think people would buy, considering the economy and price conscious consumers?

Forget about the exclusive ideas from Fanboy who don't know any better. Look at PS Now service on Samsung TV for example. If exclusive is so important to Sony business (according to n4g peep), why would Sony do that (obviously that is where Sony is headed)? Would Sony expand that services to allow all contents (including PS4)? Why not, look at how people already complain about $20/month deal to access old contents.....the service need more contents (old and new) if it wants to succeed.

This is not a war about platforms or exclusives, but it is about who can provide the most contents over a broad spectrum of devices as possible (the more devices that you can distribute your content to, the more chances that you can sell them, simple math). Who can deliver those contents fastest and most convenient for consumer win.

YamiMarik1304d ago

Microsoft should just drop the Xbox altogether and put all their exclusives on PC. They have almost complete control of PC OSs and PC gaming is getting easier and easier for people to get into.

Why ignore a market that they almost completely dominate.

Lennoxb631304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Not going to happen. MS wants to control more than just your PC. They want to put a device into your entertainment center. Plus, if they were to put all their games on PC, they wouldn't make near as much money as they do now with Xbox.

DeadlyFire1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Well technically Xbox in the future will be running on Windows. As the XB1 has been built on its kernel anyway. :) Its the hardware that changes what it is though.

Consoles run on Tablet CPU cores while PC does not. This requires different coding. For it all to be universal the hardware must match up on both setups. Unless on the cloud.

Bigpappy1304d ago

Sony should just drop PS4 and go Vita!

YamiMarik1304d ago


I completely agree with you.

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