The Order 1886 file size listed

The Order 1886 file size has been revealed with an update to its listing on the Sony Entertainment Store.

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XBLSkull1302d ago

I think one thing can be said by everyone, 500GB HDD's were not even close to ideal for this generation. Base models should have started at 2TB and increased over the generation.

I just store apps on my Xbox internal hard drive. I got a 2TB external for storing my game catalog and a 256GB SSD external for the handful of games I'm rotating playing currently.

Svinya1302d ago

I have a 2TB hooked up to my X1 as well.

tanukisuit1302d ago

If only SSDs were more affordable - the price drops aren't happening enough to make a difference.

I had to stick with a regular 2TB HDD for my PS4.
Also, not a big fan of Seagate being the only cheap TB hdds out there.

medman1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

"Base models should have started at 2TB"...and what price would you have been willing to pay for that, exactly? Because it would not have been 400 for the ps4, and 500 for the xbone, as they were priced at launch. So what you're suggesting is they should have stuffed in more storage, even though the solution exists for you to buy your own internal and external (respectively) storage? How does that make sense? Sony and Microsoft did what they had to do, they offered the storage that would let them hit the price point they believed consumers would not balk at. Hard to argue with their logic. What you're suggesting would have added significantly to the consoles price at launch, which would have hurt both companies at retail.

Svinya1302d ago

Tanuki - why bother with ssd drives when tests have shown them to not make much difference at all?

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Jaqen_Hghar1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Thank god a man is getting stuff on disc to save space this gen. Hopefully won't have to upgrade till slim comes out. Stuff installs pretty fast anyway on PS4 so a man can delete old game installs that he won't play for awhile until then. Hopefully the slim has a 1tb HDD in 2016

Benjammin251302d ago

Who is this man you keep referencing? He sounds interesting.

Letthewookiewin1302d ago

It's Jaqen Hghar man!

Jaqen is surprisingly calm in the face of danger, yet courteous. He uses an odd speech pattern in which he refers to both himself and others using the third person indefinite, e.g. saying "a man thanks a girl" when he is directly addressing Arya and expressing his own thanks.

Old_Boss_1302d ago

A character in Game Of thrones Books/TV.

DarXyde1302d ago

Game of Thrones. I don't think they've mentioned it in the show, but "A man" refers to his religion of the many faced god. The idea is, whomever serves his god has no identity; as such, he can change his facial features.

That said, "a man" means he has no identity of his own.

inveni01302d ago

I started getting things on disc again when I had to pay $70 in bandwidth fees re-downloading games I lost when I had to send in my PS4. I won't go digital again until they're either cheaper or ISPs aren't as greedy.

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KingDustero1302d ago

You can do the exact same thing when downloading. My terabyte drive has only 300 gigs left. Once it fills up I'll just delete the games and re-download them if I ever want to play them again.

blockcoc1302d ago

Do you mind if I call you the alchemist?

Old_Boss_1302d ago

@DarXyde He's in the Show, @Jaqen_Hghar Profile picture is from the show...

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reko1302d ago

im pretty excited to play this game.

LOL_WUT1302d ago

Same here just pre ordered this and Dying Light so excited ;)

TomahawkX1302d ago

nice, i might consider just going digital for this.

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