No Call of Duty World at War 2 This Year, Insider Hints at Black Ops 3

OnlySP: There’s been an image going around that is portraying an announcement for Call of Duty: World at War 2 on May 4th with an exact time, and presented by Xbox. Well, as we’re all aware, it’s a fake image (unfortunately) and the Twitter user who “leaked” it is basically using it to gain popularity for their Twitter account.

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DarkOcelet1182d ago

While i really love Treyarch's COD the most, i just dont want them going back to the futuristic settings. I want World War 2. No more future stuff.

PockyKing1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I think they can make the future interesting as long as they actually take it into the future. You know, like creative settings instead of the usual urban, nature stuff. Don't wanna speculate too much, but the Black Ops games have always been a lot more "fictional" than the other COD games, I think it's pretty open to where they could take it.

Edit: @DarkOcelet, agreed, I'd like a new WW2 shooter as well. At least there's hopes for a new Brothers in Arms soon.

DarkOcelet1182d ago

I understand what you mean but it just we had too many futuristic shooters last year so it is becoming a bit annoying.

We had MCC, TitanFall, Destiny and Advanced Warfare and next year we have Halo 5 and Battlefront 3 so an old setting will be very welcomed right now.

BC_Master_Haze1182d ago

We need interplanetary setting if they go futuristic, like a colony war or Earth getting blown up, something besides a cyber attack. If they keep AW's movement system innovate further if at all possible, let me boost through a wall taking a bit of damage to flank the enemy or just blast a huge f****** hole and jump through. Faster than light boosts, teleportation, flashing from cover to cover or in midair but giving the enemy your exact location when you do so. Something, anything but copy and paste

AliTheSnake11182d ago

Black ops 1 was not futuristic.

PockyKing1182d ago


Didn't say it was. I said the Black Ops series in general takes a more "fictional" take on war.

SolidStoner1182d ago

WW2 must have now... its too much of modern, advanced and see through walls stuff, with auto lock/aim and now with jumps! enough is enough... :) some classic gameplay with classic guns and everything with shiny graphics is what I need! Same goes for battlefield, seems like they are creating mix of COD and GTA in Hardline (not like it will be bad) but Vietnam or WW2 is like 10 times better!

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KnightRobby1182d ago

First gaming dev that does World War 2 right now, and does it properly, will get huge support from the gaming community.

It's time to raid the beaches of Normady again! Oversaturation is such a disease in gaming. It always happens. In a few years, we'll all probably hate WWII games...again. lol

PockyKing1182d ago

We wrote this article last year on why devs should return to WW2. - Next-gen Normandy would be quite the sight. I'd also love to see some games tackle the Battle of the Bulge.

seanpitt231182d ago

Noooooooo I want waw 2! fed up of black-ops. I would only buy waw2

marloc_x1182d ago

How about Black Ops during WW2?

3-4-51182d ago

It's been a long time since I really had an "amazing" experience playing a COD game.

COD:AW was fun for like 2-3 days but that gameplay is worse than before somehow.

Last COD I truly enjoyed WAS a Treyarch game so I'm hoping whatever the theme is....they nail it.

hiredhelp1182d ago

I hated last 2 cod games but loved BO2.

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aviator1891182d ago

if true, then :(
I've been wanting to play a second WAW game for a while now.

reko1182d ago

ah crap! screw that -_-

kyr951182d ago

Black Ops 3 wouldnt necessarily hint at a futuristic setting, after BO2's multiple endings, i think that part of the story is finished. What then, you say? I'm guessing a prequel focusing again on Mason and Woods either in the 80s again or the modern days.

WeAreLegion1182d ago

I assumed Black Ops 3 was the next game. It's a huge seller. I hate Treyarch, but most people love them.

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