Better Late Than Never – Jak & Daxter

In a new feature, Marcus Stewart of Gamer Attitude takes a look a games of the past see if they still hold up.

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LightDiego973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Daxter is awesome, he is funny and the main character of the series, i disagree with you about him. I'm playing now the Jak and Daxter Collection, finished today Jak 2, these games are really amazing and it's impressive the changes of the second game compared to the first, it's much darker and also the open world feature. Now i will start the third game.

GT67973d ago

a fan made Jax and Daxter landscape on Youtube using crytec engine , it would definitely be awesome if Naughtydog remade jax an daxter for ps4 using crytec engine.

PoSTedUP973d ago

daxter has said some of the most awesome and funny things in videogames, imo. his quirkyness and type of humor was foreign to me in videogames untill i played jak one, from what i remember.

im about half way through Jak1 (38 powercells). cant wait to get to jakIII that is my favorite one

Shuckylad973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Loved jak on my ps2 back in the day. The remastered trilogy is a great package on ps3, I'd recommend it to any gamer.

SlapHappyJesus973d ago

One of the first titles I grabbed when I bought a PS3 in 2013.

PoSTedUP973d ago

perfect for the vita too. all that colorful goodness on an OLED, in my pocket.