IGN AU's Top 10 PC Games of E3

Look, IGN AU do this kind of thing every year. They don't need to explain this feature to you, do they? The heading kind of explains the whole piece anyway and besides, it's all personal opinion after all. Without further blabbery, here's a list – because lists are fun.

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Gun_Senshi3664d ago


Just a rip off a mod of HL

Bolts3664d ago

If L4D is a HL2 engine game, it isn't a ripoff of anything. Thats like calling Gears of War a ripoff of UT3 because they use the same engine.

Gun_Senshi3662d ago

Before you disagree you should do reasaerch.

There is a HL1 Mod FREE TO DOWNLOAD that does exactly with L4D do

MK_Red3664d ago

Glad to see they mentioned Dead Island. Definitly looking forward to it.