"Apology DLC" Is Becoming Common And It Stinks

"This growing trend of "Apology DLC" being released and even the concept of it existing for games is a sickening one. Last week Techland announced apology DLC to launch with Dying Light due to the boxed version being delayed outside the US. They're apologizing in advance for a product that isn't out yet. Tell me that's not disgraceful."

Steve from Gamespresso argues that publishers should stop thinking it's okay to ship a broken game and then apologize for it, and that gamers should demand more respect.

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SaveFerris1269d ago

Sure, it blows that the physical disc is delayed outside of the Americas, but at least gamers who keep their pre-orders will receive something for their troubles.

Adexus1269d ago

And there's at least the digital version so there's still a way to play it.

Had to change mine from physical to digital, only £7 more though which isn't bad at all, originally had it on Amazon for £18.

SaveFerris1269d ago

Is that for the PS4 or PC?

UKmilitia1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

in UK its £40 in shops and thats what i paid for preorder,if i want digital its £55.

they are giving us something we should all be getting anyway imo because all this incentive shit from certain stores is fragmenting gaming.

i have always hated DLC as i firmly believe its already seen as an extra sale as there making the game and they take it out for extra sales.
now there making out there giving us something and it sucks.

have they given a reason to the delay?
why cant they just ship asap rather than a date,as the games are made send them out to delivery preorders and then put them in shops

Adexus1268d ago

PC version, forgot to mention that!

sinspirit1268d ago

Or, they can release it working in the first place and not rush to release something broken in order to make money while there is still some hype. A lot of the "apology DLC" was DLC already mostly done, if not already, during the launch of the game but they simply held back content to release for extra cash grabbing. It's ridiculous to release a game and release some rinse and repeat content that basically should have been in the game itself, and typically was already in the game itself to begin with.

3-4-51268d ago

* I don't like getting ripped off from a store restaurant , then I don't go back.

I don't give them any more of my money, and they make less money.

If only one person does it, they won't feel the effect.

If everyone stopped giving that restaurant or store money, they would be out of business fast.

They would be FORCED to adapt/change or go out of business.

* Why can't you cowards man up and do the same with Video Games ?

Have a spine, and don't give in to your urges to "Have to play" the game.

When said company expects 800,000 copies sold and they only sell 50,000, they will "GET" the message.

Those people making the decisions will be fired and that company will be forced to give us what we want or they won't exist anymore.

* Once this happens to 3-4 companies they will wake up.

Show them you mean business with your wallets.

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Debaitable1269d ago

So how did the conclusion of the game being broken come to be? Physical copies are the only thing being interfered so it must have to do with the manufacturing process than the actual product itself. I don't see the problem with them offering this DLC for a process they may not even have a control over.

If we the get the product in our hands and it's actually broken, state it then. To do so now without even playing, what are you trying to achieve?

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Drithe1269d ago

Sony suppose to proof play these games. Apparently in the name of money, they have let things slide and doesn't care too much about quality. Battlefield 4 started it all and it hasnt got much better with several of it's games.

Destiny is the ps4's only saving grace.

isa_scout1268d ago

What the heck are you talking about? You do realize that every game you named is multiplatform right... This has nothing to do with either console manufacturer. Bringing the console "war" into this does nothing, and only proves how delusional some fanboys are.

ShaunCameron1268d ago

Sony had nothing to do with Destiny nor Battlefield 4. Take that issue up with EA.

rainslacker1268d ago

Sony's job isn't to test games that they release on their system to make sure they are working, unless those games are produced by Sony so DC is the only game I know of by them that they dropped the ball on.

Compliance testing, which is what I assume you are trying to say is game testing, really has nothing to do with testing if a game works or not, it only is used to ensure that the game meets the compliance standards of the system and that features are enabled if need be, and that features that the game uses don't do something on the system, and to make sure that all those little things like loading screens have to have an animation, are implemented.

In any case, if a game is broken on one system, it is usually broken on all systems it comes out for to different degrees. Is MS and Steam supposed to test games for the developer? Nope, that's why developers have a QC team.

It would be nice if companies had a stricter policy on releasing broken games, but realistically, all platform holders would have to be on board, because it would mean that no platform holder would want a big AAA game to be delayed due to lazy development.

ziggurcat1269d ago

i don't see how giving you extra stuff that you would have otherwise had to pay for, for free to make up for an obvious blunder, is discrageful.

deadfrag1269d ago

Its indeed disgraceful because it should be free from the start!Payed dlc is the cancer of gaming!!

ziggurcat1269d ago

way to exert that bloated sense of entitlement, there, buddy.

the cancer of gaming is people expecting everything to be free, and even crying about it when they actually do get something for free.

shloobmm31269d ago

or you can get the intital experience and leave it at that. I enjoy more multiplayer maps and more missions in games and developers have to find a way to continue to make money on their games. The cancer of gaming are the entitled gamers.

BC_Master_Haze1268d ago

You both forget day 1 DLC. Please tell me how severing a piece of the game off to resell is fair in any way.

mattritchiegspresso1269d ago

It's not the act of giving something away for free that I disagree with, it's the fact that it has to happen in the first place and that developers think it's okay to just use this to compensate for any glaring errors with their product, rather than actually fixing it.

Omnisonne1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

What kind of errors..?

Your article and points dont add up at all,
Dying Light's physical copies are delayed due to publishing problems, and so they are trying to keep the ones who pre-ordered it happy (I wouldnt know why, the world doesnt end next month) with new content.

How is this similar to AC Unity? Gamers should demand more respect? What?

I understand the topic on its own if thats what you're trying to point out, but it has zero to do with Dying Lights' situation.

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