5 TV Shows That Would Make Great Videogames

They list some shows that would make great video games in their opinion. Do you agree?

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-Foxtrot1269d ago

Problem with Person of Interest is that if it came out people would say it's ripping off Watch Dogs when really Person of Interest was out first.

Best thing about an Archer video game is the fact it could have an Uncharted 2 styled multiplayer where we can play a variety of characters.

thorstein1268d ago

What about retro television?

Mod Squad or The Prisoner would be excellent. Dr. Who would never live up to the expectation of fans but would be a great idea.

The A-Team would also be really cool.

Dasteru1268d ago

There are still people who think Everquest and Runescape are ripoffs of WoW. Not much can be done about ignorance.

Godmars2901269d ago

Not seeing how or what kind of game these shows would make. No examples of translated game mechanics from a show.

SaveFerris1269d ago

Candy Crush or Breakout/Arkanoid clones of course!

Any game from a TV show is going to cost a lot because you need the original actors to voice the characters and will probably be a hot mess due to being rushed out like so many movie tie-in video games.

NukaCola1269d ago

GOTHAM would translate very well into an action game.

-Foxtrot1268d ago

I think people would rather see a Pre-Batman game where it actually follows the source material...not just making shit up for the sake of it.

Old_Boss_1268d ago

Ghotham with LA Noire Gameplay would be awesome.

wolfiegirl9101268d ago

I agree. Gotham would make a fabulous game

CloudRap1268d ago

a Breaking Bad game from telltale.

Old_Boss_1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

True Detective <3 Probably the Best TV Show in 2014. Maybe the Best of all time.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1268d ago

Oh hell yes. It could be a great story and character driven noir adventure game or a slower paced third person action adventure game with a lot of cinematic and puzzle solving gameplay with some great third person shooting parts.

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