Destiny: What the Abyss Section of Crota’s End Looks Like with the Lights On

Have you been playing the Crota’s End raid in Destiny since it was release back in December? If so then you know that the section where you must Traverse the Abyss is very dark. Have you ever wondered what that section would look like if the lights were on? Well, Reddit user dummehh recreated the map in a 3-D illustration

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masterfox972d ago

hehe good job to the person who did this is actually helpful.

XboxOneX972d ago

This will be good for the few people who still play Destiny. I have watched some people livestream the Crota and it looks much easier than the first Raid.

KwietStorm972d ago

Why do people always try so hard to go with the crowd? The few people still playing lol. You're allowed to not like it. But don't be so daft.

Snookies12972d ago

I don't really care for the game, but 'the few people who still play Destiny'? Really...?

FriedGoat971d ago

"The few people who play destiny?"

Don't worry, this is not the only subject XboxOneX is delusional about.

hasamalaha970d ago

Only 3.3 million characters went into Crota HM in the first couple days.

Sure, no one is playing.

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Algorithm427972d ago

Let's see, 3.5 million people played the hard Crota raid. More than likely less than half the people are leveled enough to participate. So, there roughly 6 million people playing. How the hell do you believe no one plays it?

SaffronCurse972d ago

I love this raid. It's so much more fun than VOG in my opinion.