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"Citizens of Earth begins with a synthesized version of “Hail to the Chief” playing as citizens recite the title every few seconds. It’s a fitting introduction to a game filled with parody and exemplary character design. For the well-versed RPG player, the game’s inspirations are immediately clear – SNES RPGs like Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. What sets Citizens of Earth apart is its cast of kooky characters and its whimsical sense of humor. The game isn’t afraid to make fun of its own conventional mechanics. The dialogue, which is in large part very well voice-acted, is chock-full of puns and other satirical hilarity (the coffee joints are named Moonbucks; your brother works for FedUPs; and the Bodybuilder character is Ahnold in spades). This is a game that is at once a faithful re-imagining of a now seldom seen genre and a project that stands on its own."

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Takwin1272d ago

Looks like a solid JRPG-lite in the vein of Earthbound with hints of Southpark. Look forward to playing it on my PS4 or Wii U. I would normally get games on Steam, but with anything my daughter has a chance to play, I prefer to get console.

Xof1272d ago

Its really not on the same level as Earthbound. Its a mildly competent parody game that feel like it would fit better on Android or iOS than a dedicated gaming platform.

Also: extremely annoying load times.

MookaTek1272d ago

This is a great game. There are some Earthbound vibes, but I'd recommend going into it not expecting the second coming of the SNES classic.

It is a decent homage to Earthbound, however, with a lot to do and it takes place in an amusing setting. I've only put in a few hours so far, but I'd say give it a go. It's a solid, harmless, old-school style RPG.