Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review | Senshudo TV

Following up on the successes of MH3U, Capcom have been careful not to fix what isn't broken, and instead have tweaked the controls, the graphics and the gameplay to a finely tuned level, before adding in a gutload of new content. Monster Hunter games have always been huge, and this is by far the biggest yet. The story is a little weak, but it's not what the game is really about, and MH4U really shines in multiplayer, and with the added functionality of being able to go online, there's no excuse not to party up and go hunting. There is a humongous amount of content on offer here, but it does require some dedication to get into if you're not a returning Hunter, and that can put a lot of people off. If you're willing to wade through the tutorials, you'll find this beast of a game will keep you going for - literally - months, if not years.

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higgins781274d ago

Its a crying shame games such as this and others on Nintendo platforms are getting overlooked in favour of chav fodder.