Don't expect MGO3 to be MGO2 on the Fox Engine, devs say

Despite the fact that Metal Gear Online 2 is of great influence on the new Metal Gear Online, players shouldn't expect the game to simply be MGO2 on the Fox Engine, the studio said on Twitter, answering fan questions. After all, they are trying to create a new experience.

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DarkOcelet1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

No one is expecting that. Everyone knows it will be better. Kojima is going to make one hell of a game. I believe this will have a big chance to win Game of the gen.

It is great that they asked about Arabic. Since Ground Zeroes had arabic subtitles, i think this one will have it too.

ThunderPulse1274d ago

Don't say such stupid things.

SuperBlunt1274d ago

Besides witcher 3 and hopefully the next mass effect I dont see any other game holding up against it. Sorry but its the gods honest truth

breakpad1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

that s a bad thing ...MGO2 was perfect in every way and Kojima should have followed his successful formula, it was so good that even if Konami wanted to replicate the experience it would be difficult in Fox engine ...i hope the new MGO 3 experience is worth playing

Patrick_pk441274d ago

"Everyone knows it will be better." It does not look better from the footage that was shown. I am a die hard MGS fan, but MGO2's MP had a competitive side to it and wasn't just run and gun like MGO3. I have to wait for more footage to judge it, but it does look disappointing already.

Dirtnapstor1274d ago

One trailer so far, right? Safe to say we really don't know much at this point. I trust Kojima's vision will satisfy most everyone.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1274d ago

Ahh I guess this means you're an insider that played MGO3 extensively eh?

ThunderPulse1274d ago

I was talking about support for non-english or japanese audio no one needs that garbage.

DarkOcelet1274d ago

What is wrong in supporting other languages?

Even EA has that in some of their game so it would be welcomed here, at least for me.

English is not the only language in the world you know. And the game is made by a Japanese developer so yes, a Japanese audio should be in the game if someone want to hear the original Voice actors.

Kyosuke_Sanada1274d ago

I'm just hoping guns feels more lethal this time or at least have a separate mode which have players being killed from 1-3 shots to the body (depending on individual weapon lethal range of course).

N81274d ago

It would be nice if this game had like a hardcore or realistic mode.

ps4gamer19831274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Nope. The single headshot kills of mgo2 is what set it apart from other online games. Perhaps you would be happier with some other generic shooter, as the market is already oversaturated with plenty of those.

Kyosuke_Sanada1273d ago

So it's generic to make the guns more lethal? My problem about headshots being the end all be all is that it messed up the balancing really bad when it comes to weapons (The XM8 was easily the most OP on the game after the fall of the M14 due to it's accuracy and crazy range.) The game already had CQC, cardboard boxes, the SOP system, and plenty of other options to make it stand out.

The first MGO felt way better due to the power of the weapons which lead to more variety in selection.

xtheblackparade1274d ago

As long as headshots are always headshots im fine with it. Doesn't matter if an enemy can take 10 shots to the body, but every wargame should count headshots as lethal damage. It would solve the issues cared about here.

Nyxus1274d ago

Meaning that people shouldn't expect them to keep everything the same (which some of the MGO veterans seem to want). Kojima said he wants the game to have a broader appeal.

scark921274d ago

I sure hope it is not entirely a new experience, I loved MGO2!

Who1274d ago

As a TSNE fan, I hope they don't change too much for that mode.

Seeing as hold-ups are gone, no mention of backstep/sideroll/playing dead/saltuing(to hide knife weapon while in stealth), I'm still trusting that they know what they're doing and hopefully they can improvise with the new mechanics and make this mode even better.

BiggCMan1274d ago

Hold ups are most definitely not gone. They are in both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain. They haven't shown it for multiplayer, but it's pretty safe to assume it will be there. They haven't said they are removing it from multiplayer, and I don't see why they would.

ps4gamer19831274d ago

They Did confirm that hold ups are gone. It was on their official twitter.

Seriously starting to worry about this MGO3. Might be totally unfamiliar to MGO2 fans.

BiggCMan1274d ago

Then show me, because I can't seem to find it anywhere at all. Hold ups are currently in Phantom Pain, and the gameplay mechanics for multiplayer are exactly the same. So unless you can show me this, I see no reason to think you can't hold up enemy players online since it is already in the main game.

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The story is too old to be commented.