Brutal Doom - New Video Shows How Awesome This Mod Actually Is

Modder ‘SGtMarkIV’ has released a new video from the latest build of Brutal Doom, showcasing some of its gore effects, the extra rotation sprites for zombies that John Romero released on his Twitter, and the return of the shotgun’s wooden grip.

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Dudebro901124d ago

Am i crazy or is the song a remix of the KI theme?

Hoffmann1124d ago

Nope..all songs there are actually arrangements of the original Doom soundtrack (1993)

Dudebro901124d ago

Cool thanks for the info.

Jyndal1124d ago

So many modern day FPS game makers could learn so much from Doom. It seems like the style of play that made it popular has been forgotten.
Fast, twitchy gameplay, hordes of enemies coming at you at once, and of course, the ultra violent kills.

This mod exemplifies the best in the game, and I just wish there were more titles out that tried to capture this same feel.

FriedGoat1124d ago

Thing is, games were released with the same idea in mind but nobody bought them. Painkiller was a favourite that comes to mind.

Yomiro1124d ago

But then there will be no inovation

Bimkoblerutso1124d ago

Yeah, it's one of the best mods around in my opinion. I played through the whole thing last year while listening to Sleep, Electric Wizard, and the Sword albums.

...epic man. So friggin epic.

Snookies121124d ago

So hoping the new Doom is just like this, with really pretty graphics...

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WESKER20151124d ago

Aim down sights, awesome, i remember total biscuit talking about this MOD, looks great.

Shuckylad1124d ago Show
NRGuitarist1123d ago

This was exhausting to even watch! Doom on roids, man! Absolutely incredible looking mod.

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