Intel to cut prices on July 20th

Dual cores affected

Fudzilla: "We don't know the exact numbers but we received the note that Intel will pull in the price cuts from August 10 to July 20."

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redwingsrock3633d ago

Oh Man I Need a New Computer this 3.2Ghz p4 Isn't Doing To Well These Days

TheIneffableBob3633d ago

I wonder when AMD is going to make a comeback.

They're being crushed in the mainstream processor market.

Guwapo773633d ago

I was all excited and thangs until I read the article. I want the Q9450 to go on sale... Building my next $1400 monster. This Barton 2500+ overclocked is about to blow son! I'm down to one Raptor longer raid 0 *cries* This system is beat...6 years old now. But it was a beast while it lasted.