Borderlands: The Handsome Edition Release Date, Pre-orders Kick Off


"Pre-orders for the upcoming release of Borderlands: The Handsome Edition on PS4 and Xbox One have kicked off at Amazon!"

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OmegaShen1301d ago

Pass, they killed by saying its the same engine and all. Plus they pulled the bs of saying "if this does well, we might do Borderlands 1". When they know people would buy it.

1301d ago
Darkwatchman1301d ago

You realize remasters typically run on the same engine, right? You also realize that just because they run on the same engine, that doesn't mean they won't look better. An engine is built with scalability in mind. If we look at the PC versions, there were certainly things that it did that were beyond the console versions. Look at something like MGS5. That's cross-gen using the same engine and there is quite a step up from the last gen to the current gen version of the game. Stop complaining.

OmegaShen1301d ago

An yet it looks pretty much the same.

Xavior_Reigns1301d ago

Borderlands 1 should've been included from the get go. So as I said elsewhere pass until a few price drops or maybe even used. People who buy this would be encouraging say - EA releasing the Mass Effect Trilogy without any DLC.

LAWSON721300d ago

Getting it digitally, because then me and a friend can go half on it.

DarthJay1300d ago

Anyone acting like they owe you Borderlands 1 is pathetic. They had a ton of demand to release The Pre-Sequel on next gen and that is all they owe anyone. That game just barely came out. Did everyone cry hysterically because Grand Theft Auto V got re-released a year later on Xbox One/Playstation 4 and didn't include IV? Of course not. So why are these guys someone jerks because they ONLY included Borderlands 2 to a game that released in OCTOBER. Three months ago.

I only hoped I'd be able to play with my friends on Xbox One, I never expected Borderlands 2 to come with it. If Borderlands 1 came with it, then great! But it doesn't, so let's freak out over it.