Far Cry Future: Cocaine Trafficking In The Peruvian Jungle

Clipping Error discusses the next possible future Far Cry game, one set in the cocaine trafficking Peruvian jungle. They discuss possible stories, as well as possible new mechanics.

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MyStudentStyle1305d ago

Those are some interesting ideas. Another jungle/tropical setting might get a bit tedious, though, and moral compasses in video games are always a little dodgy. Far cry is one of those series that is kind of silly and over the top, but takes itself a little too seriously considering - that's why I think the space idea isn't bad (blood dragon was fantastic, so why not have a futuristic far cry?).

Jimboms1305d ago

I'm with you mate, I don't want something like this if I'm honest, it's far too samey and they need to keep people interested.

SaveFerris1305d ago

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Kryptonite42O1305d ago

I don't do cocaine, I just like the smell of it.

snoopgg1305d ago

" You know what I had for breakfast"? Cocaine! " "You know what I had for lunch"? Cocaine! Trivia question what comedy movie are these lines from? Does anyone know?

Jimboms1305d ago

Sounds like something Sips would say

WeAreLegion1305d ago

Role Models. I expected a little more from that cast and director, but it's a good flick.

snoopgg1304d ago

Yeah, Role Models it was, the movie was funnier then I thought it would be.

Kingdomcome2471305d ago

Tyrone Biggums as the protagonist? "I'm here for the 5 O'Clock free crack giveaway. Ahhhhh. I've been tricked!"