Dragon Age: Inquisition only £36.86 on PS4

Dealspwn writes: Dragon Age: Inquisition has racked up a few Game of the Year awards recently and PS4 owners can now pick it up for £36.85. The deal is made all the sweeter by the inclusion of the Flames of Inquisition armour DLC. So, save a fiver and pick up one of the best RPGs in years. While we're sure many of you are waiting for a cheaper deal, the price is holding firm on this one thanks to a string of awards and a huge amount of playing time on offer.

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awi59511300d ago

I'm going to wait for a really cheap PC price because i'm still pissed at bioware for dragon age 2. They gave the Pc a gimped console game in everyway. And this is coming from someone who loved dragon age. Origins reminded me of Kotor i just wish it had the 5 qued powers bar for each party member. It made fights so much easier and you didnt have to baby sit so much.

bggriffiths1300d ago

I've set myself a limit of £30 for this one. Think I'm going to be waiting a while though. Damn you high-scoring reviews! Suppose I'll just work through 'the pile' for now.

MSBAUSTX1300d ago

I am playing the ever loving crap out of this game right now. Love it and the MP.

tigertron1300d ago

It's a penny cheaper on Amazon, but without DLC.

Maxor1300d ago

I never thought I say this, but Bioware need to make more DLCs.